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Triple Rainbow Tour

Triple Rainbow Tour

It’s taken a little while to get back into the swing of things but without any further ado I present a brand spanking new Polyphonic Three featuring the musical talents of We Say Bamboulee, Eagle & The Worm and Ball Park Music.  Rather conveniently, all three are  on tour together as part of the Triple Rainbow Tour kicking off in March.

First up Sydney locals We Say Bamboulee. Seeped in seventies symphonic sounds with layered harmonies and quirky beats these chaps build tracks like ants build nests.  Complex, rich sounding melodies bring together ideas of seaguls flocking at sunset and peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches. They’ve made album of the week in The Bragg and on fbi yet sadly till now we’ve never seen them live… This is about to change with the upcoming Triple Rainbow tour coming our way soon. More on that later.

Eagle and the Worm are up next with possible the most upbeat sound I’ve heard in a long time. With a sound that’s so much fun it’s bonkers! Like early offerings from The Bee’s this Melbourne based 8 piece seem sure to offer an amazing live act. Their debut single Futureman was mixed  catchy 70’s riffs reminiscent of Mungo Jerry with drunken keys and woozey brass sounds. The follow up single made the might J… And now we’re playing it… Hold on team, things are about to go gang busters… Seriously though, these guys are putting in the  effort; national tours, and festival spots galore. Check out the video below for a glimps of how much you’ll have watching them live

Brisbane’s Ball Park Music wrap the round up of three mighty Australian acts. These cheeky little scamps have been cooking up a storm since their debut Sad Rude Future Dude was picked up by the real life radio stations becoming quite a big deal. You know the one about not having many friends and only having sex with himself… It became bit of an unsung anthem for Tim who related heavily. Bless.

Its a powerful trio from a mighty record label that seems to have one of the strongest rosters in the land, keep your eye’s on Mucho Bravado, they doing good things for good music!

The tour comes by our way on the 3rd March kicking off in Cronulla’s Brass monkey on the 3rd March before heading to the Gaelic Hotel in Sydney on the 4th.  Hopefully we’ll be there to review it and can tell all about it on The Walk of Shame that Saturday.

You can grab all these tracks mentioned here over at the J, so head here for your free mp3’s


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