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44th Sunset

44th Sunset

Welcome back to a brand new year of top tunes and good times on The Walk of Shame. I’m kicking off this little blog-a-log off with a Perth Group 44th Sunset:

Young as he may be, Nik Thompson, brings talent beyond his years to the group as lead vocalist, songwriter and guitarist, talents which are expertly demonstrated on their latest single Ceaser. The song has been bubbling around for a month or two now scoring a high rotation on the J and getting strong pick up around the trendiest playlists online.

The home made clip, underlines the energy that seems to flow from 44th Sunset like the sugary drop from a lemonade icy pole. Deliciously refreshing and full of musical goodness keep your ears peeled for this mob as they look set to make 2013 a big one.

Check out the interview with lead singer Nik here.


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