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44th Sunset

44th Sunset

Welcome back to a brand new year of top tunes and good times on The Walk of Shame. I’m kicking off this little blog-a-log off with a Perth Group 44th Sunset:

Young as he may be, Nik Thompson, brings talent beyond his years to the group as lead vocalist, songwriter and guitarist, talents which are expertly demonstrated on their latest single Ceaser. The song has been bubbling around for a month or two now scoring a high rotation on the J and getting strong pick up around the trendiest playlists online.

The home made clip, underlines the energy that seems to flow from 44th Sunset like the sugary drop from a lemonade icy pole. Deliciously refreshing and full of musical goodness keep your ears peeled for this mob as they look set to make 2013 a big one.

Check out the interview with lead singer Nik here.


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To celebrate the impending, any minute now, release of a brand new Charlie Mayfair EP, Fall In Time,  I’ve handed control of the humble Walk of Shame blog post to to the band themselves. Hailing from Brisbane this chilled out, laid back, 5 way collection of awesomeness, have laid bare the influences and thought process behind the music that makes up their latest EP.

Charlie Mayfair - Fall in Time

Charlie Mayfair – Fall in Time

Hey guys, Charlie Mayfair here. It’s been a whirlwind two years, full of gigs with The Panics, Emma Louise, Ball Park Music, Owl Eyes, Husky, Old Man River and performances at Sunset Sounds in Brisbane and at Woodford.  We’ve just released our latest single ‘Waste Me and it’s a bit of a change of pace from our folk-inspired first release Watch My Hands which we released back in 2010, so without much further ado, here are four albums that help tell the story of the journey leading up to our brand-spanking new EP…


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Chris Assaad

Chris Assaad

Canadian feel good folkster Chris Assaad is headed to Australia this month and bringing with him his latest collection of feel good roots & folk tunes. The new EP ‘Into the light’ is out this month and reflects on one’s ability to remain strong in the face of adversity, holding your head high and remaining true to yourself… It’s pretty inspiring stuff!

“It’s about bringing our passions and our creative gifts to light and some of the challenges we encounter along the way and the idea of community, walking the path together and having other people to share that journey with.
On a spiritual level you could base it on the notion of – when you go within you never go without.” – Chris Assaad

The six track EP will be a must for fans of Busby Marou, Ben Howard or John Butler. It’s the perfect accompaniment to combi vans and log fires with your friends but will sound equally at home on your Sunday afternoon session in the sun.

Stand out track for me is the title track ‘Into the Light’. It’s a modern day ‘Stand by me’, a musical shoulder to lean on when your chips are down. The perfect pick me up after a tough day at the office and a reminder, if it were needed, that everything is going to be ok.

Chris Assaad will be sharing his sunshine vibes in Sydney toward the end of this month playing the Beach Rd. Hotel on 22nd March before heading to the uber cool 505 for the official Into the light EP launch the day after on the 23rd. Get involved, you won’t be disappoint!

** Check out my Interview with Chris Assaad. **

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I’m a little late on the update for this chic who’s been topping the UK’s ‘one to watch’ lists for the last 6 months or so. Still it’s better to be late than never hear the lyrical styles of this fiery little nutter. Back in the UK Azealia Banks is causing a bit of a storm don’t you know.

London based, but Harlem born, Azealia Banks made it to number three on the BBC’s Sound of 2012 and was dubbed NME’s Coolest person of 2011. (Though they’d obviously never heard of you before!?) Bringing a hip hop lyrical edge to some street spat rhymes, Azealia Banks, or Miss Bank$ as she is sometimes known, has been popping up on blogs, lists and radio spots on both sides of the pond since her cover of interpol’s slow hands last year.

Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks

At that time Miss Bank$ was signed to XL recordings but has since moved on, starting a major label rush to sign her up. Reflecting on the  recent split she told BBC NEWS “I was like, ‘This is not what I worked so hard my entire life to do – to be rejected by some English guy in West Bumblefrickin’ nowhere London, telling me I’m amateur or something like that’. So I just said, ‘Screw you!'”…and screw them she did.

The same interview calls her ‘brunt and bratty’ and whilst that, she may be, she posses an edge about her not seen for some time. Blending boundaries between UK dubstep and grime with good old fashioned Harlem hop hop there will be much more of this girl to come!

The current single 212 features Lazy Jay and showcases her trademark lyrics. New material will be out soon but for now enjoy what’s out and about on your local neighbourhood blogs and/or YouTube. …or just tune in to Bondi FM when I’m on and put the request on for her!



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DJ Shadow

DJ Shadow Scale it Back

Had a tough day? Crack open a cold one, pull up a chair and get this new tune from DJ Shadow on your stereo. Featuring the vocal talents of Little Dragon’s Yukimi Nagano this blissful collection of beats and lyrics feels like the waves of a hard day being washed out to sea on a summer’s eve. It’s full of the warmth of the setting sun as the steady drum beats over the the breezy lyrics that rise and fall over the course of the track.

The is lifted of the recent album The less you know, the better and has been use in remix competition that has spawned some amazing off shoots. According to the DJ Shadow website over 400 people have submitted mixes and from the ones I’ve heard competition is stiff. All tracks are listed so let me know which one is your favourite and I’ll play them on the show in the coming weeks.

The video continues the same high level awesomeness with it’s quirky card ready who delivers a random tale that may, or may not, go with the music. I can’t see a single edit in the clip, which means directors Casey Raymond and Ewan James Morris would have shot this number in a single swoop. Another feat of greatness for the man who deplores musical buffoonery, Mr DJ Shadow.

The single Scale it Back is available now through his online store, iTunes and even real life shops!

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Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey

You have to listen to this track by Lana Del Ray! This smouldering, silky smooth number number reminds me of an opening to a Bond movie from the late sixties. It channels touches of Kate Bush and Shirley Bassey combined with the sex appeal of Honor Blackman and an era gone by. Yet, at the same time this twenty something girl from New York feels completely, uniquely, fresh.

Q Awarded her the ‘one to watch’ trophy a few weeks ago and watch they did. The clip below has over 4 million hits since release on the 1th of October, so I think she’s doing alright. Lana Del Rey has since graced magazine covers and talk show sofa around the globe, making her UK debut on the Jools Holland show. Not a bad place to kick of a career.

There’s an album in the pipeline to be released early next year and a host of tracks on the tube to watch out for. She’s the voice of an angel, she’s smoking hot and she’s going to be huge.

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Toucan - A Brave New World

Toucan - A Brave New World

Sydney duo Toucan release their Brave New World single last week and if you’ve not already heard it, then you’re missing out! Lively pop sensibilities buoy this track along keeping your foot tapping throughout the cheery little number.

Working hard at uni whilst keeping with a busy tour schedule has lead to some busy times for Toucan, who have played every major venue in Sydney, support of Charlie Mayfair, Pluto Jonze and TiGERTOWN along the way.

I managed to sneak some questions through to Jess & Shea in preparation of the EP launch this month.

Ben: Recently caught you on stage at the Vanguard and was excited to see the genuine chemistry between you both on stage. How did you all come together to form Toucan?

Jess: Shea and I first met at uni studying composition at The Sydney Conservatorium. We will both have received the graduation bit of paper soon! Shea is counting down!
We realised early on that we liked writing together and that our different musical backgrounds made for a fun collaboration so we got together and started from basics writing acoustic songs before moving towards what you hear today as Toucan.

B: So how long have you been together?

J: We have been together since the beginning of 2011!  Baby Band!

B: If your band was a fruit what type of fruit would it be and why? …(it was lunch time at the time…)

J: I think we would be Kiwi Fruits or Mangoes. I don’t know why our band would be that but they are my favourite so I hope we would be one of the two!

B: After seeing a band for the first time I normally try and do a little online stalking to find out more about them. Yet you guys seem to flying under the radar a little… Is this A) a deliberate attempt to remain allusive or B) are you just getting warmed up… or C) I am just rubbish at Googling?

J: Out of the three options I think I will lock in B. We formed this year so are still finding our feet and discovering what to do and what not to do. It’s fun working on recording, developing the live show and beginning to play with a range of other bands!

B: What’s up next for the band?

J: The next big event for Toucan is releasing our EP in November. Alongside that we are playing a range of shows in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney on Thursday 27th Oct.

B: Locally, who are the bands you’ve most respect for at the moment?

J: At the moment we have been checking out a range of Sydney bands like Nantes, Mrs Bishop, Lancelot and also Boy and Bear. There are so many great bands circulating around Australia at the moment. A great scene to be a part of.

B: I think Sydney is really growing as a musical city. Looking further a field, who represents your all time favourites in terms of constant inspiration (musical or otherwise)?

J: All time favourites… wow that is a tough one! I must have a short attention span because I can’t think of any one person. I think there are so many inspiring musicians, artists and people out there. I tend to waver in and out of obsessions with people. Right now I am getting right into Billie Holiday and I spent a long time loving Elton John, Ben Folds and Alicia Keys 🙂

Toucan’s new single Brave New world is out now through inertia, you can catch them live this week at the Oxford Arts Factory on the 27th of October or find another date via their facebook page.

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