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Faith LeeSilver voiced, singer songwriter Faith Lee will be joining us in the studio at Bondi FM this weekend to talk us through her debut EP Damascus. Following the release of singles ‘Life Long Friend’ and ‘Golden Girl’, Faith has put together a divine blend of acoustic, country and folk songs to create an EP so warm and delicate among today’s music scene.

Faith will be joining us to personally guide us through the EP and share in the stories that went into creating the music. Join us on air, online and in person at the Bondi FM cafe this Saturday 4th August.

It’s what Saturday morning’s were made for!


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Walk of Shame Greats

Walk of Shame Greats

Thank all of you guys for sticking with the Walk of Shame over the last 100 posts. Through the blog and the show at Bondi Fm I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some amazing people, some mighty fine musicians and damn fine gigs.

When there are so many other music blogs out there it’s great to think you take the time to pass by this little corner of the internet and hang out for a while. It has been an honour to bring you some brilliant music from around the world. I had no idea when I started this with Mr Timmy Magic that it would go so far:

Pickwick gave us our first American flag, with the inspirational Chris Assaad flying the Maple Leaf high for Canadians. Closer to home it has been an absolute delight to chat with the mighty Charlie Mayfair, the beautiful Julia Stone, and the breath taking TigerTown who played live for us after travelling for miles to get here. Between them they make up just a few of the brilliantly talented musicians and bands that have come through the Bondi Fm studio for breakfast.

If you like the last 100 posts be sure to help get the word out by sharing the links of jumping on facebook and hitting the like button, or join the conversation on our twitter stream to put in new music recommendations or requests.

The next 100 posts are sure to be just as exciting so keep on reading on. I will be working harder to bring you the best new Australian music and continue to flirt with our international musical neighbours to make the Walk of Shame an exciting music meeting place, with the radio show as your musical soundtrack for the weekend.

Thanks again and big love!

Ben xx


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Brisbane garage pop out outfit Millions are sneaking in a cheeky Sydney show ahead of their official February tour dates this Friday. Performing Upstairs at the Beresford before spinning some tunes at the World bar for a little after party action… If all goes to plan they’ll be joining me for breaky at Bondi FM for Saturday morning, before heading up to Newcastle for a gig there.

The rambunctious shenanigans look set to continue with a killer spot at Brisbane’s Big Day Out before taking on East Coast tour duties as part of the Triple Treat Tour with Nantes and Northeeast Party House. It’s all part of a packed schedule that has seen them support Gold Fields, The Belligerents and Bleeding Knees not forgetting the opening act of Splendour in the Grass this year. Not bad for a band that have been performing together for less than a year!

The lead single of the new EP is out now and yours for the price of an email. Head to the Millions bandcamp page for your free download. Then meet me upstairs at the Beresford to party like a mofo with a mojo!

Join us at Bondi FM, Curlewis st. Bondi from 9am this Saturday 14th Jan.

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Pluto Jonze

Pluto Jonze

Sydney local, Pluto Jonze, has had the world at his feet of late, touring alongside Jinja Safari, The Jezabels and the mighty Buck 65. Having just released his new single, Plastic Bag in Hurricane, Pluto Jonze has taken to the streets, touring his unique pop sensibilities to the east coast.

The magic of this man’s music is it’s inability to fit under one genre. Imagine if Beck and Damon Albarn took to making music together, with a splash of Bowie then we’d get pretty close. Sample driven sequences, bursting with electronic synth melodies drench this pop mega-piece.

His sound has evolved over the few years since his win at Tropfest music award, Tropscore back in 2009 but still retains some of the homebaked goodness. Having recorded much of his samples in his bedroom prior to handing over the songs to Tony Espie (Avalanches, Cut Copy & The Holidays) to mix.

I’m hoping to catch up with the man behind the music ahead of his Sydney at the Oxford Arts Factory next Friday show next week (27th Oct) and will have the full run down this coming Saturday on the Walk of Shame. Tune in from 9am for more!

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Bondi FM Buskers

Bondi FM Buskers

Bondi FM in association with Sound School and the Bondi Winter Magic Festival will be attempting to break the current world record for the Worlds Largest Busk. On Sunday 31st of July we’ll aim to smash the current record  and so will need 240 musicians to register and play for 2 hours in Bondi in order to break the Guinness World Record.

We are looking for amateur and professional musicians, one man bands, school choirs, orchestras, musical families, solo performers or small people that juggle. If you can make music then sign up today!

Every particiating busker is invited to collect money in a cap or guitar case, but we ask that a minimum of 10% of all money raised be donated to Sound School – a local charity set up to give disadvantaged children the chance to learn and play musical instruments.

There will be prizes for the best and most original acts on the day, including 15 hours of recording studio time and a chance to play live on Bondi FM’s  live music show – “Monday Night Live” hosted by local musician Anthony McKeon. Every registered busker will also receive a certificate of participation. Head to the Bondi FM page to register today!

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BhangLassi Walk of Shame session

Sydney indie-rock outfit Bhanglassi stopped by the Walk of Shame this morning performing three tracks live in the opulent surrounds of the Bondi FM Studios.  In between tales of flooding schools, wearing meat undies and dreams of performing naked* the fellas informed us they’re starting to work on a new album which is due out soon-ish.  Braving some pretty shocking weather the guys did well to squeeze into the studio and bust out their own brand of BhangLassi magic.

For the un-initiated their sound is similar to the Twang, or The Specials with just a touch of Happy Mondays and whilst the boys are fully assimilated into their Aussie lives their British heritage shines through brightly in the music. Always upbeat their music is defined by ‘kick ass choruses’ and some raucous harmonies.

The boys, who showed some comedy genius in the interview, are normally joined live by trumpets, keyboards and beats on stage but they whittled it down to three guitars and percussion to be able to fit in the studio. Check out the songs below and head along to The Gaelic this Friday to catch them live in all their glory.

There’s two other tracks for your audible over on my Soundcloud page. BhangLassi performed live on Bondi FM 23.7.11

*I may have embellished the wish to perform naked. But only slightly.


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It was with much sadness I walked to the Bondi Fm café yesterday morning. Sadness not from the rain, nor the pounding hangover that was churning brain and belly. But sadness knowing this would be the first show without Tim for some time. Yes, the time had come for Tim do dust of his warmer clothes and head back to Britain to revel in the grey dampness of home for a while to earn some sterling before hitting the snowy slopes of Canada once more.

No more shall we hear his sharp cutting wit grace the airwaves of 88fm. No more shall his music choices of Johnny Farnham or Queen beam from the desk nor his (not so) frequent blogging updates be read upon these pages. Here’s a cheeky snippet of some of the greater moments we’ve shared together along the way*

To fill the gaps I’ve convinced not one but three other friends to get involved from time to time and we’ll still give you the same top tunes and silly nonsense every Saturday morning from 9am on Bondi FM.

Coming up we’ll get up close and personal with The Belligerents on the 9th April & we’re hoping to get Stu Larsen involved… Details coming soon

*Apologies to Charlie Mayfair whose music we’ve brutally cut out, it’s not because we don’t love you. No, no, no far from it… We just didn’t want to lower the tone of your great music with our inane chat. ❤

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