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44th Sunset

44th Sunset

Since kicking off the blog postings this year with Perth act, 44th Sunset, I thought I’d try and find out a bit more about this group for us all. Nik Thompson, the bands lead singer & guitarist took a little time out after playing the mighty Southbound festival to let me on the frustrations of being young and in Perth.

First up – How was Southbound?

Southbound was wicked! I turned 18 on the day that we played so it was the best birthday I’ve ever had! …Also the first show I’ve ever been able to drink my rider haha!  

Through your own bio 44th Sunset have drawn comparisons to Cage the Elephant, Arcade Fire, Group Love the Pixies and Nick Cave how do all these differing strands come together to make your sound.

It’s kind of like songs written by Nick Cave, Arcade Fire and Grouplove performed by Cage the Elephant and Iggy. Though it’s not really that cut and dry. I’m not very good at explaining influences. 

A fair bit has been mentioned about Nik’s age – How does this impact the band. Is it annoying, or just one of those things (lazy bloggers like myself recycle)…

It’s irritating when it influences peoples opinions of our performances or tracks. But if it’s just being used as something to talk about, I don’t really mind, I’m just used to it. It amuses the band a bit though, since most of the guys have been over age for quite a while. One of my biggest aims during shows is to avoid being thought of as a ‘school band.’ I really hate that title. I tend to go a little Iggy Pop on people when I can see on their faces that they’re judging us because of the age…. I should really stop that though….

How is the Perth music scene?  Over here on the East coast we’re pretty self contained in our local musical outlook. 

The Perth music scene is good in some ways, but is also a pain in the ass. There’s some great bands doing their thing over here, a lot of suppressed frustration as well I think. That frustration makes some wicked music and some great shows. But it’s pretty small and there’s enough little feuds that you could make a decent soap out of it. Actually, that’s a wicked idea! 

Is there another Perth band you look forward to playing with most – Or take most inspiration from currently?

Well, I’m really looking forward to playing with the Love Junkies, because they are really, really good. If you get the chance to see the Love Junkies, see them,they’re awesome. We recently did a show with the Brow Horn Orchestra and I want to do another really bad, (last time I was too young to be able to party with them afterwards!)

    Oh and Abbe May!

           …And The Panics!

Sorry, I kind of hi-jacked that question, I got a little excited.

 Looking further afield, who’s your top 3 artists to watch for the year ahead?

Watch the Brow Horn Orchestra, Alt-J, Cloud Nothings and someone should come to a 44th show 😉

…I don’t think that’s what you meant in your question, but I always make really bad calls about who will catch on and who won’t haha.

Lastly With your current single going pretty strong what’s next for the band? Any plans for a Sydney tour? 

Dancing. And sleeping a bit too. We’ll be releasing our ‘Boa Constrictor Hat’ EP really soon and then hopefully we’ll tour it. We’re actually just in the middle of trying to sort out a plan for this year at the moment. There’s definitely plans to be playing at as many places as we, (and our parents,) can afford to get to. 

Thanks a lot for the interest,

Find out more from 44th Sunset via their website & tune into yours truly every Saturday morning on Bondi FM to hear their  music. 


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44th Sunset

44th Sunset

Welcome back to a brand new year of top tunes and good times on The Walk of Shame. I’m kicking off this little blog-a-log off with a Perth Group 44th Sunset:

Young as he may be, Nik Thompson, brings talent beyond his years to the group as lead vocalist, songwriter and guitarist, talents which are expertly demonstrated on their latest single Ceaser. The song has been bubbling around for a month or two now scoring a high rotation on the J and getting strong pick up around the trendiest playlists online.

The home made clip, underlines the energy that seems to flow from 44th Sunset like the sugary drop from a lemonade icy pole. Deliciously refreshing and full of musical goodness keep your ears peeled for this mob as they look set to make 2013 a big one.

Check out the interview with lead singer Nik here.

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