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Pear and the Awkward Orchestra

Pear and the Awkward Orchestra

Pear and the Awkward Orchestra recently released a fabulous lil’ clip for their latest single, Castle.  Reflective of their unique music style the clip is as quirky and cuddly combination of stop motion goodness that’s full of the brightness of life.

Fresh from a solo jaunt in Canada and the States Pear has returned to Brisbane to create a brand new Awkward Orchestra to share life on the road with.  Solid song writing, melodic whimsy and a folksicle root music await the audibly adventurous at one of their live gigs.

Last year’s critically acclaimed ‘Smocks!’ has earned the group a solid live status and much praise in press land. Triple J, Triple R and 2SER all singing the praise of this unique voice.

They’re in town this week playing as part of the FBi Social. If you’ve not yet been to any of their events now is the time to get yourself firmly involved. Pear and the Awkward Orchestra will be playing in the following spaces:

…See you there!


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Toucan - A Brave New World

Toucan - A Brave New World

Sydney duo Toucan release their Brave New World single last week and if you’ve not already heard it, then you’re missing out! Lively pop sensibilities buoy this track along keeping your foot tapping throughout the cheery little number.

Working hard at uni whilst keeping with a busy tour schedule has lead to some busy times for Toucan, who have played every major venue in Sydney, support of Charlie Mayfair, Pluto Jonze and TiGERTOWN along the way.

I managed to sneak some questions through to Jess & Shea in preparation of the EP launch this month.

Ben: Recently caught you on stage at the Vanguard and was excited to see the genuine chemistry between you both on stage. How did you all come together to form Toucan?

Jess: Shea and I first met at uni studying composition at The Sydney Conservatorium. We will both have received the graduation bit of paper soon! Shea is counting down!
We realised early on that we liked writing together and that our different musical backgrounds made for a fun collaboration so we got together and started from basics writing acoustic songs before moving towards what you hear today as Toucan.

B: So how long have you been together?

J: We have been together since the beginning of 2011!  Baby Band!

B: If your band was a fruit what type of fruit would it be and why? …(it was lunch time at the time…)

J: I think we would be Kiwi Fruits or Mangoes. I don’t know why our band would be that but they are my favourite so I hope we would be one of the two!

B: After seeing a band for the first time I normally try and do a little online stalking to find out more about them. Yet you guys seem to flying under the radar a little… Is this A) a deliberate attempt to remain allusive or B) are you just getting warmed up… or C) I am just rubbish at Googling?

J: Out of the three options I think I will lock in B. We formed this year so are still finding our feet and discovering what to do and what not to do. It’s fun working on recording, developing the live show and beginning to play with a range of other bands!

B: What’s up next for the band?

J: The next big event for Toucan is releasing our EP in November. Alongside that we are playing a range of shows in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney on Thursday 27th Oct.

B: Locally, who are the bands you’ve most respect for at the moment?

J: At the moment we have been checking out a range of Sydney bands like Nantes, Mrs Bishop, Lancelot and also Boy and Bear. There are so many great bands circulating around Australia at the moment. A great scene to be a part of.

B: I think Sydney is really growing as a musical city. Looking further a field, who represents your all time favourites in terms of constant inspiration (musical or otherwise)?

J: All time favourites… wow that is a tough one! I must have a short attention span because I can’t think of any one person. I think there are so many inspiring musicians, artists and people out there. I tend to waver in and out of obsessions with people. Right now I am getting right into Billie Holiday and I spent a long time loving Elton John, Ben Folds and Alicia Keys 🙂

Toucan’s new single Brave New world is out now through inertia, you can catch them live this week at the Oxford Arts Factory on the 27th of October or find another date via their facebook page.

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Charlie Mayfair

Charlie Mayfair

If anyone’s ever wondered what possesses a guy like me to get up early every Saturday morning, trudge to the other end of the beach and volunteer his time, come rain or shine, to play songs on radio to nobody in particular, then wonder no more. It’s for bands like Charlie Mayfair.

Charlie Mayfair first came to visit the Walk of Shame over a year ago. They were then, as they are now, wide eyed, impassioned and as full of wonder as their music is. Beautiful, enthusiastic and as graceful and polite as any group of kids you are ever likely to meet. Their music is forged on soaring harmonies, juxtaposing buoyant melodies with often heartfelt lyrics and tales of love, life and laughter.

As a live act they come into their own. The on stage chemistry between band members spills over in abundance, extending itself into the audience and urging everyone to let go for a few hours. These guys are truly awesome!

Charlie Mayfair are currently on tour to promote their newest single Tell her. Sharing their sound interstate they’ll bring a richer, more mature sound to the first EP Watch my Hands. This Brisbane 5 piece have come a long way in a short space of time, gaining support from triple j, FBi and SYN Fm whilst getting plenty of love on the blog scene from nerds such as myself and the mighty Who the Hell. 

The single, Tell her, is yours as a free mp3 from the Charlie Mayfair bandcamp page. They’re in Sydney on September 1 playing the Vangaurd.

Be there or be the guy that looses out… No one likes that guy!





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Hot on the heals of a sell out national tour supporting Jinja Safari, a killer debut single and spending time playing alongside Devendra Banhart and Noah & the Whale, Husky have just dropped another single. Full of depth this slow burning ember soon sparks into a full blown fire. Brimming full of warmth, it’s another classic take on the modern folk song. Swirling melodies dance around the flames of Husky’s vocal composition expertly mixed by Noah Georgeson who’s spent time behind the desk of many Banhart sessions.

It’s the second track to be released from the upcoming album Forever So, due for release 21 October on Liberation Music. The track has been picked up instantly by the taste makers at Triple j and community stations on up and down the East coast.

The band has announced the Dark Sea single launch shows in Melbourne and Sydney starting next Thursday 25th August in Sydney’s latest and greatest Good God Bar before heading to the East Brunswick club on the 27th. Get on over to facebook to find out more or jump onto myspace to hear the track.

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Charlie Mayfair

Charlie Mayfair Tell Her

Charlie Mayfair have been hard at it this year kicking off 2011 with a trip to Sunset Sounds playing alongside Boy & Bear, Angus & Julia Stone and Tame Impala. They’ve supported Tin sparrow, sang with Emma Louise, and began work on their new album, leading the charge with a new single entitled Tell Her.

The track opens with a smouldering drum beat that escalates the tension of the song, driving and forcing it into newer, bigger sounds for the band. By the time the first chorus comes around the song is racing along, melodies cascading over guitars, voices and lyrics forcing it ever upward till the pause; a chance to grab a breath as a solitary ‘I love you‘ draws you closer before the drums kick in for the final crescendo and song is done.

Working with Matt Redlich, who created the last Hungry Kids of Hungary album has paid off for Charlie Mayfair. Drawing maturity and somehow adding even more complexity and warmth to their trademark melodies and sound. I can’t tell you how excited I am for the band who are possibly one of the nicest groups of people you’re ever likely to meet and damn fine musicians to boot. On stage they excel, the chemistry between them oozes and the end result is a live act you should not pass up should the chance to see them arise.

The new single, Tell Her is offered as a free download from the band’s bandcamp page and you can catch them at the Emma-Louise EP Launch in Brisbane’s Visy Theatre, next Saturday 9th July.


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Tin Sparrow

Tin Sparrow

Matt Amery of Sydney wonder-group Tin Sparrow joined me last week on The Walk of Shame, sharing new tracks form the upcoming EP, ahead of the tour which starts this week:  The Brass Monkey in Crunulla has the first show this Wednesday 29th June before reaching the Vangaurd on Friday 1st July and onto Brisbane thereafter.

All shows are supported by the lovely sounds of Charlie Mayfair, one of the upcoming acts to watch for 2011. Together with headliners Tin Sparrow the night looks set to be a formidable folk frenzy with the later blowing away crowds at the recent FBi Social gig a few weeks back! As first act on stage that night Tin Sparrow held their own against Husky and The Fall, that night, to the point where many wondered if they were about to upstage the other acts.

Chatting with Matt you could really grab the sense of anticipation, excitement and trepidation about what the future will hold for Tin Sparrow now that can finally promote a full EP. Their sound is unmistakeably indie folk, reinforced with great big textures and a range that can seem them flow from spaghetti western to acoustic folk and back again without sounding forced or disjointed.

Matt joined me for the last quarter of the show, below is a round up of what went down… Don’t panic the dodgy porno music that is too loud in the background soon ends. For the real thing get to The Vangaurd this Friday!

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The next few weeks are looking like they’re going to be pretty busy on the show and new music blogs. Some of the best new bands in Australia are coming my way!  Tin Sparrow  are popping in for a chat, Skipping Girl Vinegar are recording an interview as too are The Paper Scissors (hopefully!). There’s also new material from Green Thief and possibly the Queensland folk outfit Charlie Mayfair finding it’s way into more Polyphonic three goodness, right here on your Bondi local.

You can head down to the Studio at Bondi Fm on Curlewis St to catch Tin Sparrow on the 25th June from 9am for coffee and good times!

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