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Evile Eddie

Evile Eddie

Evil Eddie, a name synonymous with the DIY ethic, classic beats with a pop edge, and all out fun, has been holed up in his own studio for the past year or so, tinkering away like a mad professor and putting the final touches on his debut opus. Now, as Eddie emerges from the lab, he is ready to show the world what he’s been hiding with his crowd funded body of work, Welcome To Flavour Country. Evil Eddie will be showcasing the new tunes in Sydney’s iconic Annandale Hotel TONIGHT as he wraps up the NSW leg of his tour.

His latest single Golden age is a classic blend of beats, samples and pure hop hop magic as he weaves lyrics round the undeniably catchy melody. Check out the tune below and tune into the show this Saturday for more Evil Eddie tunes!

Head to the Evil Eddie website for more info, awesome digital downloads and more news!


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Avaberee. A vast brilliance of harmony and sound await your lil’ ears with the brand new single from the Brisbane based songstresses.  Lover of Mine is full of a honey glazed goodness that will sooth your musical soul with its song. These girls are amazing. Treat your head right and download a copy of their brand new single today. Your pocket will love you for it too as it’s available for free over on their Unearthed site.

The girls are working with Matthew Redlich (Ball Park Music, Emma Louise) to produce their forthcoming EP due for release in 2013. With plenty of clips on YouTube, including possible the Dizzee Rascal  cover ever, there’s plenty more to explore ahead of that release. Stay up to date with the band by hitting like on their FB page… or stay tuned to the WoS where we’ll be keeping an eye on this musical treat.

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Electric Empire

Electric Empire – Changin’

Soul infused four piece, Electric Empire, return to Australia after another sell-out tour of Japan, taking to the east coast in support of their recently released EP Changin’.  

The band have come a long way, travelled some miles and kept some good company along the way. They’ve played some of the UK and Europe’s most renowned stages, shared mics with WoS favourites Aloe Blacc and Ben L’uncle Soul, and are now back home putting the final dates on their month long tour of the nation, bravely bringing soul back to Australia.

We caught up with Jason Heerah, drummer for Electric Empire to discuss the new EP and all that’s lead to up its release:

As a band it feels like you guys have overcome some huge milestones, and whilst it could appear to the untrained eye that locally your hard work has gone (almost) unnoticed-  elsewhere you guys have gone gangbusters!  Is that a fair comment and how does that make you feel?

It feels great to be in the position were in at the moment. Were still completely in control as an independent band and we are very mindful of the fact that all our hard work songwriting to the creative direction, producing, recording and mixing has paid off. This work ethic is still the driving force into the next phase of writing and recording for us.  The live aspect of what we do is equally as important as we feel that after every gig abroad we are scooping up new fans.

You’ve played alongside some amazing artists such as Aloe Blacc and Mayer Hawthorne, have there been any stand out moments and how has that helped your sounds and they way you work? 

Yes we have been blessed to have been given these opportunities to help break overseas and to even a new market. I’d say this experience has helped by seeing how these acts like Aloe Blacc, Mayer Hawthorne, have found a way to release on a much larger scale commercially and still be in that soul bracket. Bringing vintage skills into today’s world.


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