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New Navy Breathe

New Navy Breathe

Sydney band New Navy have cooked up a rip roaring cover of Télépopmusik’s Breath. The track is bursting with the same sunshine flavour that these local boys have persistently brewed  up.  Ben McInerney’s rich vocals adorn the glittering guitar work that replaces Télépopmusik original electronic approach. Ridiculously upbeat, catchy as all hell and totally danceable,  their jingle jangle approach to music making has put these boys on an express train to awesome town and we’re all invited.

New Navy took some seriously big strides in 2011 with their summer hits ‘Zimbabwe‘ and ‘Tapioca‘ carving up triple j and community stations all year and nabbing a spot on the Hottest 100 list.

Breathe is available as a free download below, stay tuned to their website for upcoming announcements!


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Ross Henry

Ross Henry

Having settled in Sydney’s inner west Ross Henry is a Brit abroad who’s bringing more to this country than your average pom. Unlike most of us* who seem content with sitting around on Bondi’s beach getting as sun burnt as possible Ross Henry spends his days writing and producing music from his humble home studio ingeniously put together using secondhand mics and strange spaces to produce a sound that is as warm, as it is inviting. With In Fields, his latest EP Ross Henry delivers a solid folk album, full of intrigue and imagination.

Thanks to the lovely people of Maths & Magic and the power of email we caught up for a little Q&A to find out more about this folk playing fella.

Hey Ross, what was it that took you from sunny southwest England to the inner west?

I guess I like seeing what’s over the hill. It’s a good thing to do something new or put yourself in a fresh context, you’ll always gain a lot from it. I discovered the inner west upon my first shift at the Enmore theater. It seemed lot more interesting than where I first arrived in Botany, wasn’t a great deal going on there.

Did the move impact the music you make and the inspirations for it?

Well I’ve been studying music for the last few years, that in itself has helped me develop as a producer. In a way I see my music more like little experiments. I love playing with new elements and ideas even more so now. I aspire to just keep learning and developing and that hasn’t changed, oh and to pay the bills with my music would be amazing!

Can you tell us about your recording methods used for your EP: In Fields?

I bought a couple cheap secondhand mics, decked out my state of the art studio (cupboard) with some very basic sound proofing and spent two weeks recording and mixing. I used lots of overdubs and close miked everything. I see each release as a bread crumb in my development so it’s interesting to listen back to the tracks. Despite enjoying the outcome of recording this way, I missed the stripped down performance, so I’ve included live sessions in the EP too.

So what’s it all about? Is there a musical theme that runs through the EP?

I’m a big fan of melody, small vs big dynamics (especially when I play live) and subtly odd rhythm. All of which seem apparent within In Fields. I s’pose it’s a little story about wanting something that isn’t there. I like the live recording best, it’s got more energy, a more organic raw feel.

What’s next for you & the EP (news/tour dates etc?)

I just finished up a few gigs recently in the inner west and I’ll be free from the shackles of education come August. Soon I’ll be locking in more Sydney (and hopefully Melbourne) dates for September/October. I’m also pretty excited about a few electronic/interactive elements that are sneaking their way into my sets. On with the experiments!

Spend a little time to get to more about this guy through his music below and I promise you’ll enjoy what you hear. 

*when I said ‘most of us’ I just meant me…

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Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra – Want It Back

Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra

Sticking with the theme of new music & cool clips that seems to be emerging lately I was keen to display this masterful new clip from Amanda Palmer. The ‘cabaret punk’ performer was in Australia back in march to record her latest record from which this track, Want it Back, was taken.

Palmer worked with Aussie director Jim Batt put the clip together which was helped along by the artistic strokes of local artist Curran. Check out the cheeky Cherry Ripe that makes a guest appearance as a knowing nod to Aussie location. Palmer writes on her blog: “…it tasted BAD. sort of marshy-chocy-cherry-icky. still way better than vegemite.

The clip races along to the melody with text scrawling over her naked body, onto the sheets, her mobile and walls.

In a statement for the Guardian Palmer says: “I’m so comfortable being naked at this point that I almost forget … I’m also proud that that video has nudity, but it isn’t sexual or erotic … it’s using the body as a raw canvas, which I love.”

Theatre is Evil, the new album from Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra is out in September and owes its existence to the 25,000 fans who , between them, donated $1.2mil USD to the project. Combine this with Palmer’s jangling, electro-punk styled tunes and bare all performance and you have a record that is sure to go far.

Jump over to her site to grab a free download!

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Happiness is a thing called music, and when your music is a full up of the happy stuff as The Shiny Brights’ you know you must be onto something. Here’s 3½ reasons why:

1 – The Shiny Brights have released an awesome clip for their latest track, Tightrope.  The clip, produced and edited by Tom Stevens, used 1600 A3 pages photographed and spliced together at 10 frames per second to create the awesome animated burst of goodness you see below.

2 – The single Tightrope is available to you for free. Just head over to the bandcamp page and swap your email for a free mp3 download.

3 -They’re supporting Faker on July 12th. Playing The Star’s tequila laden live venue, Rock Lily. Creating a night that is sure to involve some late night bacchanalia and good times!

½ points go the animated gif the boys have created…. ’nuff said.

Kudos to Tone Deaf for surfacing another great Australian band…

If you like the Shiny Brights – You’re gonna love the Griswolds

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Ian Brown, John Squire, Mani and Reni have nailed their homecoming, Heaton Park, weekender going from strength to strength and leaving Manchester to relive the glory days.

With so much hype & good feeling surrounding the triumphant return of the Stone Roses I thought I’d celebrate their Resurrection by playing what is, my opinion, their greatest hit. Enjoy!

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