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Florence + the Machine

Florence + the Machine - Never Let Me Go (Clams Casino Remix)

There is something magical that happens when you take a grandiose Florence + the Machine belter and strip it bare revealing the very soul of the song beneath. Remixed by Clams Casino, one of the hottest producers in US right now, Never Let Go, becomes hauntingly sparse. Drum claps split dual, down pitched, vocals creating an atmospheric soundscape akin to waves crashing on a desolate rock face.

Carrying on the creative collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld and the Vinyl Factory, Florence + the Machine’s next single ‘Never Let Me Go’ is available to order on limited edition,  12″ white vinyl from her website and will include the Clams Casino remix.

Digital freaks can enjoy it one the GorrillaVsBear link below:


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edward sharpe

Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros

Alexander Ebert and his band of merry men have released a brand new track and it is everything you’ve come to love from him and the magnetic zeros.

Drenched in reverb, sounding more at home on the prairie than on a suburban ipod, Man on fire, is the first track of follow up album Here due 29th May.

It may not be another Home, but it if it is indicative of where Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros are heading then I feel we won’t be disappointed. More news will follow as the band complete their SXSW duties.

Kudos to these guys for providing the Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros link.

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Plan B - Ill Manors

Plan B - Ill Manors

Plan B delivers a scathing, highly political, super charged protest song with his latest track Ill Manors. The track focuses on the complex issues of last summer’s riots that sparked wide spread unrest.  Ill Manors reflects on the raging unease that still surrounds the subject matter, and deals unflinchingly with the psychology of class, social liberalism and the widespread hatred of the new Chav race. Not since the Brit pop era of 1990 has Britain’s twisted class issues been thrusted so clearly into the mainstream.

The rapid fire lyrics scatter from one subject to another falling like bricks on the front line of a police riot line. Most importantly Plan B, real name Ben Drew, neither condones or acknowledges the actions of those involved. Ill Manors makes no justification for what happened and yet it’s edgy unease goes some way to explaining the bigger picture:

“As an artist who’s trying to convey a message I need to get under people’s skin,” he told BBC’s 1Xtra Mistajam. “The song needs to have that visceral energy … just like those horrible pictures we see on cigarette packets that are designed to shock us into being aware of our actions.” (Via The Guardian)

The song might not resonate so well with the chilled out Aussie audiences but I’ve often said that the best music stems from the greatest of societies wrong doings and this latest track from Plan B is a prime example. Check out the clip below to see for yourself:

Listen to Plan B explain the inspiration behind the new ill Manors project with BBC 1Xtra here. Play nicely now.

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We Are Augustines – Chapel Song

We Are Augustines

I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it. The raw energy and emotion that runs through the Chapel Song makes the hair on my arms stand to attention every time I hear it. We Are Augustines have been quietly catching the attentive  ears of  Americans since the release of their debut album Rise Ye Sunken Ships in 2011.

Smouldering reviews have been seen through the blogosphere for some time but with a stand out performance on the David Letterman Show recently the three boys from Brooklyn have ignited a full blown fire. Made up of singer & guitarist Billy McCarthy, Eric Sanderson on bass & keys and drummer, Rob Allen, We Are Augustines deliver deeply personal lyrics over killer brass hooks and classic indie riffs. Above all else the band display an energy not seen since the likes of The Longpigs left the indie circuit in the mid nineties.

Check out the Chapel Song below and head to their site for a free download of album track, Augustines, today!

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Chris Assaad

Chris Assaad

Canadian feel good folkster Chris Assaad is headed to Australia this month and bringing with him his latest collection of feel good roots & folk tunes. The new EP ‘Into the light’ is out this month and reflects on one’s ability to remain strong in the face of adversity, holding your head high and remaining true to yourself… It’s pretty inspiring stuff!

“It’s about bringing our passions and our creative gifts to light and some of the challenges we encounter along the way and the idea of community, walking the path together and having other people to share that journey with.
On a spiritual level you could base it on the notion of – when you go within you never go without.” – Chris Assaad

The six track EP will be a must for fans of Busby Marou, Ben Howard or John Butler. It’s the perfect accompaniment to combi vans and log fires with your friends but will sound equally at home on your Sunday afternoon session in the sun.

Stand out track for me is the title track ‘Into the Light’. It’s a modern day ‘Stand by me’, a musical shoulder to lean on when your chips are down. The perfect pick me up after a tough day at the office and a reminder, if it were needed, that everything is going to be ok.

Chris Assaad will be sharing his sunshine vibes in Sydney toward the end of this month playing the Beach Rd. Hotel on 22nd March before heading to the uber cool 505 for the official Into the light EP launch the day after on the 23rd. Get involved, you won’t be disappoint!

** Check out my Interview with Chris Assaad. **

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