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Merry Christmas!

Hope you have a lovely, peaceful holiday with lots of mince pies, just enough wine and plenty of good good tunes!

Thanks to all of the awesome bands that have stopped by the Walk of Shame studios for breakfast this year, and to all of you who have come by the blog, keep spreading the word!

Look forward to sharing many more tunes with you in 2012. Peace out xxx


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Elephant Eyes

Elephant Eyes

After much speculation, a strong dose of airtime and more than a handful of knowing nods Melbourne quartet, Elephant Eyes have officially released their debut single I want to know. The track is a smoulderingly subdued piece that stands out for what isn’t there, as much as what is. Stripped back and laid bare, the dual vocals weave intimately between the sparse jazz beats as a sweet melody drifts by on the breeze. It’s The XX, meets Joan as a Police Woman combined with some Thom York magic for good measure.

The guys where kind enough to take time out and answer some questions I had for them and I think their answers give a pretty warm insight into their music, and their future!

Congrats on releasing the new single, I want to know, it sounds ace. Where have you drawn your inspiration for this track?

Kate: Hmm, well, I actually wrote the lyrics and chord progression for this song a couple of years ago, but I never developed the song properly, because I always knew it needed guitar (it was written on the piano). So I showed it to Stu one day to see if he could help, and he came up with the bass line and it just took off from there. I guess lyrically, it’s a bit apocalyptic. There was a lot of stuff in the news about natural disasters, and I felt a bit helpless in it all. That’s where that line comes from – ‘I want to know if the sun comes up today, and if i will get a say in it or not’.

Stu: We definitely took a less is more approach to the song. The melody and duet vocals work so well on their own, so all the band had to do was keep it really simple and sparse. Of course we couldn’t help letting out a little craziness for the ending, where the skipping stop/start drum patterns are blatently stolen from Radiohead.

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Nantes have just released their new clip for their sunshine enthused tune, Charlie! The track has been on high rotation with Triple J since it’s release and with the added bonus of this spangley new clip they are sure to get even more attention. Bursting full of life and colour the video compliments the song perfectly.

The band are teaming up with fellow Unearthed mates, Millions and Northeast Party House as part of The Triple Treat Tour which will take them along the East coast this February. They’ll play the Oxford Arts Factory on the 24th so get in early to avoid disappointment.The trio providing a formidable force of post-punk, garage pop for the summer.

For more info on Nantes you can visit their facebook page and for all of the Triple Treat Tour dates head over to Triple J.

You can watch the clip for Charlie here!


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DJ Shadow

DJ Shadow Scale it Back

Had a tough day? Crack open a cold one, pull up a chair and get this new tune from DJ Shadow on your stereo. Featuring the vocal talents of Little Dragon’s Yukimi Nagano this blissful collection of beats and lyrics feels like the waves of a hard day being washed out to sea on a summer’s eve. It’s full of the warmth of the setting sun as the steady drum beats over the the breezy lyrics that rise and fall over the course of the track.

The is lifted of the recent album The less you know, the better and has been use in remix competition that has spawned some amazing off shoots. According to the DJ Shadow website over 400 people have submitted mixes and from the ones I’ve heard competition is stiff. All tracks are listed so let me know which one is your favourite and I’ll play them on the show in the coming weeks.

The video continues the same high level awesomeness with it’s quirky card ready who delivers a random tale that may, or may not, go with the music. I can’t see a single edit in the clip, which means directors Casey Raymond and Ewan James Morris would have shot this number in a single swoop. Another feat of greatness for the man who deplores musical buffoonery, Mr DJ Shadow.

The single Scale it Back is available now through his online store, iTunes and even real life shops!

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