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Susan Hurley

Susan Hurley and the Hurricanes

Sydney group Susan Hurley and the Hurricanes  stopped by the Walk of Shame earlier in September to share some tracks of their newly  released EP.  Fusing roots and folk the band created a distinct sound which blends complex layers of melodies, vocals and keys. The guys have played a bunch of city shows lately filling venues such as The Vangaurd and The Gaelic as they share the fruits of their sounds.

Bitter sweet lyrics are wrapped around the beautifully deep throngs of James Menzies double bass bringing a depth and a warmth like no other. It’s this fusing of elements that makes their sound so unique and intriguing.

The guys took time out to come onto Bondi FM and share the stories behind the music. Below is out first snippet which describes some of the history and make up of the band and how it came to be. The guys stayed a while sharing 3 beautiful tracks in total, here’s how it began:


The full interview can be downloaded in it’s full splendour from here

For more information head to Susan Hurley & The Hurricanes myspace or Unearthed page for more!


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Pickwick - Myths

Seattle band Pickwick have been creating a bit of low flying buzz lately. State side festivals, music blogs and indie radio stations have been transformed under the good time vibes of the new soul infused Pickwick sound. Intrigued to learn about the band I shot them an email to find out about life and music in Seattle. Michael Parker answered the call taking time out to answer some questions:

It seems as though Seattle is literally bursting at the seams with great new music and talent at the moment. Is it something that you can sense and feed from as an group?

This is something that we talk about amongst ourselves quite often.  We feel so fortunate to be playing music in Seattle.  I honestly think that Seattle is one of the greatest music cities in the world and there are very few cities where bands have the chance to develop like you can here.

Living and playing here it’s impossible to not be inspired by the history and the other things that are currently happening all around town.  There’s also a culture in Seattle within the music community of collaboration and support that I think leads to a very healthy artistic environment.

The ‘Grunge’ thing in the 90’s put Seattle on the map in terms of a global consciousness, but unfortunately that’s generally what people outside of this city still think of when they think about Seattle music.  I say that’s unfortunate because Seattle has always had a very eclectic and diverse music culture.  Ray Charles and Jimi Hendrix both honed their chops here, there was an amazing underground Soul scene here in the 60’s and 70’s, great Punk bands, amazing Folk & Country bands, and now Seattle has one of the best underground Hip Hop scenes in America.  It’s not just Grunge, it’s NEVER been just one thing.  Besides, the Grunge thing was 20 years ago.

All this to say, yes, we definitely feed off of this.  I think in terms of music, Seattle offers just as much as a city like New York does but at 1/10 the size.  I love it here.

 Pickwick have been around for a sometime, growing in size and having been through a bit of a change of sound; how did the final line up come about and how much has it influenced the change?


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Charlie Mayfair

Charlie Mayfair

If anyone’s ever wondered what possesses a guy like me to get up early every Saturday morning, trudge to the other end of the beach and volunteer his time, come rain or shine, to play songs on radio to nobody in particular, then wonder no more. It’s for bands like Charlie Mayfair.

Charlie Mayfair first came to visit the Walk of Shame over a year ago. They were then, as they are now, wide eyed, impassioned and as full of wonder as their music is. Beautiful, enthusiastic and as graceful and polite as any group of kids you are ever likely to meet. Their music is forged on soaring harmonies, juxtaposing buoyant melodies with often heartfelt lyrics and tales of love, life and laughter.

As a live act they come into their own. The on stage chemistry between band members spills over in abundance, extending itself into the audience and urging everyone to let go for a few hours. These guys are truly awesome!

Charlie Mayfair are currently on tour to promote their newest single Tell her. Sharing their sound interstate they’ll bring a richer, more mature sound to the first EP Watch my Hands. This Brisbane 5 piece have come a long way in a short space of time, gaining support from triple j, FBi and SYN Fm whilst getting plenty of love on the blog scene from nerds such as myself and the mighty Who the Hell. 

The single, Tell her, is yours as a free mp3 from the Charlie Mayfair bandcamp page. They’re in Sydney on September 1 playing the Vangaurd.

Be there or be the guy that looses out… No one likes that guy!





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kate and max

kate and max

In April, a disillusioned hillbilly met a confused, young puppeteer  amidst the chaotic goings-on of a mutual friends’ house-gathering…

That’s how they tell the story of Kate and Max, two young folksters from Brisbane who are about to take the east coast by storm. She sounds a little like Julia Stone he a little like a puppeteer from Queensland who picked up the 12 string at an early age and never looked back.

The music is perfect for lazy Sundays sitting under the dappled light of a fading sun. It’s the feeling of calm that sitting in a park and listening to the leaves whisper to one another can bring. It’s cute but it’s clever. Don’t let the cheery melodies fool you or let you think these two are are a couple of fly by night folksters.

The two have been keeping good company touring alongside a Shugo Tokumaru who is one of life’s best kept secrets! They’ve shared stages with the likes of the John Steel Singers and The Shout Out Louds. The new EP features 6 smooth tunes as well as guest appearances from Jimi Connor (Moonfleet), Campbell Smith (Millions) and Steve Kempnich (Goldentones, Swim). What’s more, it was mastered in the US by Nick Peterson who’s put the final touches on some of the greatest work from Bon Iver. Yes sir, when Kate and Max come to your town be sure to visit. A very special beauty awaits.

I’ll be talking to Max on this Saturday (27th August) to share in the stories and find out how the tour is shaping up. In the meantime get yourself over to their site to find out when they’ll be close to you. Go now, go quick!


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Hot on the heals of a sell out national tour supporting Jinja Safari, a killer debut single and spending time playing alongside Devendra Banhart and Noah & the Whale, Husky have just dropped another single. Full of depth this slow burning ember soon sparks into a full blown fire. Brimming full of warmth, it’s another classic take on the modern folk song. Swirling melodies dance around the flames of Husky’s vocal composition expertly mixed by Noah Georgeson who’s spent time behind the desk of many Banhart sessions.

It’s the second track to be released from the upcoming album Forever So, due for release 21 October on Liberation Music. The track has been picked up instantly by the taste makers at Triple j and community stations on up and down the East coast.

The band has announced the Dark Sea single launch shows in Melbourne and Sydney starting next Thursday 25th August in Sydney’s latest and greatest Good God Bar before heading to the East Brunswick club on the 27th. Get on over to facebook to find out more or jump onto myspace to hear the track.

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‘Watch Me Dance’ – Toddla T feat. Roots Manuva from Rollo Jackson on Vimeo.

Roots Manuva collaborates with Toddla T  for his track ‘Watch Me Dance’ which dropped onto dance floors this month like a ripe watermelon; fat as you like and juicy as all hell. Funky bass lines drive the upbeat n’ unabashed lyrics from Roots Manuva. Already getting a heap of airplay in the UK this track looks set to be summer anthem and a solid return to form for the team.

Better still the track is yours as a free mp3 download from the lovely people at Rcrd.lbl. Get your funk on and dance the day away!

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As people far away from London sit back and watch with disbelief as one of the greatest cities in the world is bought to it’s knees one can’t help but feel a little helpless. To all my friends, family and people on the streets, take care and hold tight.

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