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Gil Scott-Heron, the grandfather of hip-hop has passed away, leaving behind a legacy of biting, beatnic political comment.

As famous for his long time drug addiction as for his music, which includes classics such as This revolution will not be televised, The Bottle, and more recently the collaborative work with Jamie XX on XL recordings. Below is the stand out track for tht album I’m new here: I’ll take Care of You

Rest in Peace Gil Scott-Heron


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Walk of Shame

I’m bring back the Polyphonic three! F A C T

That’s right you heard it here first. No more will Saturday mornings be devoid of brand spanking new music. It’ll be so fresh you can smell it, so new it’s still in it’s box and so good it’ll make you want to stand up and dance like a monkey with a miniature cymbal.

Previously the Polyphonic Three has featured the likes of Transvaal Diamond Syndicate, Montpelier, Charlie Mayfair, Boy & Bear and Stu Larsen… Top musicians and bands on the cusp of greatness. Some* might say that we helped them along the way to achieve many of the great things they are now experiencing. (*Mostly just my Mum)

Each week I’ll have three bands to harp on about, to drawl over and play extra specially loud on Bondi FM and then we’ll read all about them here. It’ll be amazing, mark my words.

You can get most fully involved each week by nominating a band or sending in a demo and I’ll get on the blog. Getting in touch is as easy as leaving a shout in the comments box below, email or by or facebook… Sweet like a very sweet confectionery item.  The Walk of Shame starts at 9am each and most every Saturday. Polyphonic Three will be on air at 10am. Join me in the cafe, online and on air on 88fm across the Bondi Beach area.  See you Saturday!

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