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Rare-Finds have been on a bit of a winning streak of late. Not least  for their ability attract new talent providing, a home to some of the freshest, new sounds emerging. They’ve just freeleased a mighty 8 track album sampler which displays just some of the talent harnessed within. Montpelier, The Belligerents and Tin Can Radio have all been featured and it was with great excitement that I was able to chat to the later two over the last fortnight on The Walk of Shame.

First up Andy from The Belligerents talked us through the trials of making a new film clip surrounded by hot girls and their rumbustious reputations for on stage shenanigans. Then, this week, Tom stepped up to the phone for Tin Can Radio who had played the night previously in The Cross earning new fans through their filthy dub-step beats.

Kudos to both Tom and Andy from who had both had pretty large/late nights the night before and still were able to hold a conversation and game for taking part. If you missed the chat you catch all the info here and make sure you head to their shows when they’re playing at your local next. Both bands excel in the live environment and I look forward to catching up with them again the next time they’re in Sydney.

Andy From The Belligerents:

Tom from Tin Can Radio:


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Mini Update

Hi there, with so many cool people coming on the show of late I am well overdue in the updates stakes.  Interviews with the Belligerents and Tin Can Radio will be up tomorrow night else I will change my name to Borris.

Will be working on bringing back the Polyphonic Three next week too, after having heard so much good music lately. All suggestions welcome. Looking for your favourite new artists and bands currently gracing your stereo.

Track listing from this week’s show is over here, and you can always jump across to the Sony Ericsson blog if you’re missing me.

Stay musical!

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Suzanna Marie Penaflor

Suzanna Marie Penaflor

Bonjour Bondi.  So with Tim out of the picture presenting a radio show feels a little odd. It’s almost weird, talking to yourself whilst people eat breakfast all around you, so I thought I’d get some fresh blood in the show. Two weeks in and I think I may have peaked already. Not saying the collaborative efforts of Team Bondi where not amazing but I think Miss Suzanna Marie Penaflor may have pipped them at the post.

For those who’ve met her before they’ll know just how fanatical about the local music scene this young lady really is. We first met whilst she was lending a hand to the Charlie Mayfair tour effort last year. Since then we’ve hung out a while and kept a watchful eye on one another. Stopping occasionally to share in coffee, sushi and the occasional beer on a dance floor somewhere in Sydney.

Not satisfied with organising one band at a time SMP recently staged the Not Quite Sound Relief gig at George Street Event Cinema. Playing host to Stu Larsen, Montpelier, Former Love Pirates and Set Sail. The night was an awesome success with people dancing in the aisle, bands co performing together and all dollars raised being donated to the QLD Flood victims.  A truly amazing feat for both her and the team of volunteers who managed to bring the whole event together.

The budding music promoter shared her thoughts on some of the local talent that’s flooding onto the scene and took part in her very own polyphonic three choosing We Are the Bird Cage, The Paper Kites, and Stu Larsen to share with us.

Here’s a Glimpse of what went down with the full interview coming to Soundcloud soon. It’s a first for the video efforts of the Walk of Shame and something I think I’ll try more of. Let me know your thoughts.

Next week The Belligerents will be calling in for a chat on the phone before jetting down to Sydney to Play at the OAF so tune in for more gossip and top music on The Walk of Shame.

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