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It was with much sadness I walked to the Bondi Fm café yesterday morning. Sadness not from the rain, nor the pounding hangover that was churning brain and belly. But sadness knowing this would be the first show without Tim for some time. Yes, the time had come for Tim do dust of his warmer clothes and head back to Britain to revel in the grey dampness of home for a while to earn some sterling before hitting the snowy slopes of Canada once more.

No more shall we hear his sharp cutting wit grace the airwaves of 88fm. No more shall his music choices of Johnny Farnham or Queen beam from the desk nor his (not so) frequent blogging updates be read upon these pages. Here’s a cheeky snippet of some of the greater moments we’ve shared together along the way*

To fill the gaps I’ve convinced not one but three other friends to get involved from time to time and we’ll still give you the same top tunes and silly nonsense every Saturday morning from 9am on Bondi FM.

Coming up we’ll get up close and personal with The Belligerents on the 9th April & we’re hoping to get Stu Larsen involved… Details coming soon

*Apologies to Charlie Mayfair whose music we’ve brutally cut out, it’s not because we don’t love you. No, no, no far from it… We just didn’t want to lower the tone of your great music with our inane chat. ❤

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The Belligerents

The Belligerents

Bursting onto the music scene in a glow of white hot heat The Belligerents are about to light up dance floors across the nation. With the impending release of their debut EP, Less Arty More Party, this five piece look set to cut some serious rug.

I’ll be speaking to the guys on the 9th of April on the mighty Walk of Shame so tune in to get all of the tour gossip and goings on from one of the brightest new acts to shine our way. Ahead of that day you can read more about them over at the Sony Ericsson / MTV blog.

Enjoy the weekend!

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Make it this one:
The “Not Quite Sound” Relief Show

Not Quite Sound Relief

One of the greatest things about music is it’s ability to bring people together, crossing boundaries and boarders to bring happier times to those who need it most. There’s no doubt this little corner of the earth has been doing it tough lately and there have been some great efforts to help ease some of the pain, but this fund raising event deserves a special mention.

Head over here to find out the amazing line up and ticket info…

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Hey there, just so you know what’s been going on; The Walk of Shame blog won a little competition and I’ve been drafted in by the nice people at Sony Ericsson & MTV Australia to write for them for a little while.  You can catch all my musings on their new music blog here. I have to write once a day I think, so check in for fresh updates. I’ll still keep any show related stuff on this site, and some of the cheekier stuff that I’ll not get away with elsewhere.

If you want to get involved drop us a line via the comments box below and/or twitter.

Look, there’s an ad and everything…

Visit the site.

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