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Aloe Blacc - Sydney

Aloe Blacc

It has to be said I was quite excited about seeing Aloe Blacc at the Becks Festival Bar  in Sydney this week… Almost a little too excited. Right from the outset, though, it was clear we wouldn’t be disappointed. Looking dapper in sixties style waistcoat, with a cheeky glimmer in his eye and smile on his face he burst onto stage and lit up the room. Instantly taking us back to sixties soul America.

Paying homage to the live Motown format many of his album tracks came through as medleys, showcasing the best of the best. Original sixties style soul blended with rhythm n’ blues and gospel through the night as he ran through his album and remixed classic tracks from Michael Jackson, Al Greene and even The Velvet Underground. Infectious grooves  a killer band and his enthusiasm for authentic, honest and true story telling made it impossible to stand still. Jubilant hip shaking, feverish foot stomping and percussive hand claps left us exhausted but happy for more.



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Rod, you hero you!

Rod, you hero you!

Looking at each and everyone of you lovely readers I can see that amongst you there are a number of people who when alone secretly reach for the dial of their car radio when one of those songs comes on.

Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about, you know its you, yes you. I saw you sat in your car the other day when Cher came on. I saw you reach for the dial and set your guilty free. Singing along as no one was watching you!

I am of course talking about the guilty pleasures. The songs we all know and love but are ashamed to admit. We fear the moment someone suggests using our iPod at a party just in case that track comes on and the red flush of musical shame should grasp us. But guess what, everyone is in the same boat and ill let you in on a little secret. These songs don’t make you a social outcast, deep down even the coolest of cool jays love these songs. With this in mind we at the Walk of Shame decided to set the musical bar a little lower than it normally is with us. Less than a step up and more a slight incline we moved on to a Saturday morning show of musical madness that could have had us banished from the airwaves forever or even worse, moved to a folk rock station. Hell Dodgy!

We the men of the Walk of Shame fear no musical prejudiced and we endeavoured a few Saturday’s ago to bring you and your shame full pleasures of the musical world to the centre stage once more. Playing such classic bands as White Snake, Johnny Farnham and Tom Jones. For one bliss full Saturday morning we dusted off the forbidden tracks of our past and set them free on the air waves of Bondi. The cafe didn’t know what hit it. People open grabbed for their air guitars, the tables were drummed and hairbrushes a plenty adopted for make shift mics as Boston, Rod Stewart and Survivor graced the airwaves. The subsequent track list was one of our busiest yet for blog traffic, further evidence that in spite of the cool kids grumbling you bloody loved it!

This was our favourite clip from all the songs, a combination of Ben’s Fro, some dodgy moustaches and my day to day fashion inspired, Abba-esque lycra clothing! Brilliant.

Keep your suggestions comin’ there could well be another Guilty Pleasure list when I return from outback.

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QLD Flood Relief Auction – own a piece of music history! | The In Sound From Way Out – EMI Australia’s Music and MP3 Blog.

EMI have trawled their offices for exclusive, signed and money-can’t-buy items to be auctioned off and raise money for the devastating Queensland Flood Relief and come up with some real treasures. Items on offer include vinyl from the likes of Hot Chip, Arcade Fire, and Massive Attack, signed CD’s from Lilly Allen and The Cat Empire

Get heavily involved and help raise money for those affected by the floods in Australia, whilst indulging in some musical shopping spree… Ace!

The auctions will be held via eBay on EMI Music Australia’s account – with all monies raised going to The Premier’s Flood Relief.

One word of warning – the signed Spice Girls box set is mine, so back off!

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Whilst in search of new artists for this week’s show and blog write up I found The Boxettes. The full write up will be coming soon but I’m so intrigued by this all girl a’ceppella group so thought I’d share instantly. Coming from the same fresh London school as James Blake or Speech Debelle, The Boxettes are sure to be a win. What will be interesting is following their progression to see if they are just a gimmick or true genius… I’m leaning to towards the latter currently, but holding on loosely to the fence. Will write more soon but let me know what you think of this one I’d be curious to hear your thoughts.

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Well, with another monumental year over in which we saw the rise of the greatest radio show on earth and subsequently the best blog in town we thought it only proper to give a little wrap up of our best bits and our favourite musical nuggets from 2010.

This year we have had the privilege to show case some of the best new music on the Australian and World stages and we even got to meet a few big hitters and future super stars along the way. So first off that me say a big thank you to all the people who contributed to the show this year; Charlie Mayfair, John Vella and Sound School who helped us discover some musical nuggets that still have us tapping our toes and drumming our desks all the way into 2011.

For my personal top 3 this year, Ben and I have somewhat different tastes in music as any of you who have tuned in over the past year will know, I can’t speak for him; Mainly because my voice won’t go that high… I digress.  First up:

Pearl and the Puppets – This band hails from Scotland and has only recently started to make waves in industry circles. I loved these guys  form the first note I heard and can’t wait for their full album to hit the shops but for now you can download there EP from iTunes and get your toes tapping, for more information on then check out the Polyphonic 3 Post from 28-08-10

Next up, Teenagers in Tokyo. Everyone knows I love a bit of electro, and if that’s your bag too then check these pups out! The Teenagers in Tokyo’s track peter pan got me up on my stool and dancing in the studio and is still one of my top tracks to listen. Their debut album sacrifice was released back in august and it is still spinning in my most played list.

Having now noticed that two of my top picks fell in august this year I figure it must of been a blistering month for new music and October was just the same.

Ou est le Swimming Pool – This is another one of my electro pop choices and I personally love it! Bursting out of Camden Town Ou Est le Swimming Pool have been making big waves since October and are set for much bigger splashes in the industry plunge pool. Their pant swingingly infectious beats get even the most hardcore electro hater moving. Check out the original Polyphonic three post here for more.

And so that wraps up my top choices from 2010 and I am literally sitting on the edge of my pants in anticipation of the musical gems we will be digging up in 2011 and hope you are too! Don’t forget to stay tuned to the blog for all the latest and greatest music news and tune in on 88fm in Bondi or online elsewhere every Saturday morning 9 till 11am AEST.

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As one year fades into another, lists are being made, people are checking them twice, looking for the music that’s both naughty and nice. Everyone has their best of 2010 lists, or top 10 Albums from last year some of which are utterly awesome whilst some others deserve to be slung next to the Christmas tree’s that are already out in the street. Discarded, browning and forgotten.

Hopefully avoiding that fate, we at Bondi’s Walk of Shame wanted to look forward and offer up our musical predictions, wishes and hopes for a few bands that we believe will deserve big things in the year ahead:

Boy & Bear have featured on our play lists regularly and after string of UK appearances are now appearing on bastions of British new music radio lists such as XFM and BBC 6 Music. The latter is a must for anyone looking to expand their aural repertoire. It is possibly the best radio station in the world! Back to Boy & Bear, cracking the UK will hopefully return them to Australia in the same realms of Angus & Julia Stone, (who, lets face it are a pretty big deal?) taking them out of the state and into the nation. It’s a shame they have to leave Oz to make it happen but heed this, but we understand sadly, it’s probably the only way it could happen.

James Blake is a UK based singer songwriter whom belongs in the Dub-Step box but easily overlaps the nu-folk scene created by Bon Iver and Lou Rhodes. Sparse chilling songs haunted by deep beats, undoubtedly created from the sound of the rulebook hitting the pavement, are the norm. Similar to a stripped back Jack Penate, Blake’s sound teeters on the fence of mainstream acceptance making it all the more inciting and rewarding to those who dare discover his sound. Check out a sample of hid forth coming self titled album due for release in February here at James Blake’s Soundcloud

Andreya Triana another Brit wraps up the post (I will work on my local music soon, promise). If you like Bonobo and have heard his last album, Black Sands,  you’ll have heard her sing. Experimental jazz, nu-jazz blissful sounds. Soft vocals, trippy beats and laid back vibes drift from this girl like jasmine on a summers breeze. Releasing her debut album at the tail end of 2010 we think she’ll be a slow burner gaining a cult following long before she’ll reach mainstream acceptance. But let’s face it; Your reading a blog, I’m writing a blog, and so big things does not always need to be mentioned in terms of mainstream dollars.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the post, there are literally tones of good bands on their way this year, Warpaint, Janelle Monáe and Clare Maguire to name but a few. You’ll have to keep listening to show to hear them all. Finally – this year has been kick started by those fellow blogger’s who’s own work has inspired and delighted almost as much as the music itself. To that end we’d like to thank the following scribes; Sabi, Bianca, Pooch, and lastly and most recently Macy for the best summary of the Walk of Shame I’ve heard yet. Love it!

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RIP Gerry Rafferty

Gerry Rafferty, creator of one of the best Sax solos ever passes away at his home in Scotland aged 63.

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