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Christmas is just around the corner, music blogs throughout cyber space are churning out lists like suburban houses churn through giga-watts of neon christmassy goodness. Not to be out-done we present our choice of brand new indie music slash Christmas song goodness Polyphonic Three style. It’s true you can’t go past the classics at Christmas but these guys are giving it a shot and not in a crappy pop idol way either! Strawberry Whiplash, The Wave Pictures and a Surprise Wham cover by Florence + the Machine await you…

Strawberry Whiplash

Strawberry Whiplash

First up is a neat little track from Strawberry Whiplash, full of fuzz and buzz. In all honesty it’s perhaps not the greatest track ever form the duo who are normally superb at creating the indie equivalent to hubba bubba. The track is sweet and bubbly lo-fi music which has just enough jingle jangle winter fun to pass itself of for a Christmas song. Taken from the festively fuzzy Matinée EP which features five new tracks from the Matinée collectives most beloved artists. The Strawberry Whiplash track – Santa Needs a Holiday is available as a free mp3 nestled alongside Math & Physics Club, Bubble Gum Lemonade and Champagne Riot. Check it out, it’s better than Cliff Richard and is available free from the nice folks at Austin Town Hall

Second up on the festive Polyphonic offering are The Wave Pictures with their fun ditty ‘We dress up like snowmen’. They’re a London based trio who’ve been knocking out tunes for the last ten years or so. Veterans for the brand new music pages of norm. Like a well worn pair of sports shoes their music is grubby, slightly shabby yet it feels so good it’s hard not to like it. 3 chord indie tunes at their best, bringing it back to it, honest, bare and most basic but fun. Like Oasis before the chav’s got a hold and ruined them with their fake Burberry and really white trainers, or long forgotten groups like Octopus or Bluetones – The Wave Pictures are fun, innocent and raw, better still they’re singing Christmas hits. Nice.

Lastly I was going to post Sufjan Stevens ‘This was the worst Christmas’… it’s touted as being beautiful… I’m not entirely sure I’m feeling it? Will give it a spin on the show this weekend and see what you all think before continuing.


Sorry Sufjan keep your humble Christmas twee, with soft lyrics and musing melodic charm to yourself.  We have an instant winner. I saw this online and needed to share immediately. Florence + the Machine singing Last Christmas. The Wham anthem for all things festive, kitsch and right with the world. Florence recorded the track at the BBC for Fearne Cotton’s Radio 1. Nice one Flo

Happy Christmas people!

Peace Out!

Peace Out!


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Two Hours Traffic

Two Hours Traffic

Canadian quartet Two Hours Traffic have been supporting the  Jezzabels as they tour the nation. The final gig was today was up in Brisbane and both bands have been receiving rapturous reviews and praise for their on-stage performances. Blazing guitar riffs loaded with fiery pop melodies put the in the same fields as Weezer and The Go-Betweens happily stoking the flames of Canada’s musical uprising.

Two Hours Traffic have come of age with their latest album Territory, after their previous album Little Jabs gained nominations and turned heads around the world. Territory, their third offering, has earned Two Hours Traffic spots on the O.C and (Tim’s favourite) Gossip Girl.  WE were able to send them a bunch of questions which Liam, the founder, vocalists and guitarist kindly answered:

What bands have had an impact on forming your Band’s sound?
We had a gig playing mostly cover songs when we first started out, so I guess we learned a lot from how those songs were put together.  We played songs by many artists, including the Pixies, Radiohead, Spoon and Beck.  It was just the stuff we were listening to at the time, and it helped shape our own writing style.

Was there a specific moment or turning point when you decided to go for it as a band?
We started playing in University, and after we graduated we had a big decision to make: continue on as a part-time group or try to make a career out of it.  We decided to give it a shot and we moved up to Toronto and eventually secured a label and manager.  I wouldn’t say we have a ‘career’ just yet, but we’re still going strong.

Three albums in, a bunch of nominations & awards tied in with heaps of recommendations, as a band you seem to have found your way, kept your sanity and still had a lot of fun along the way… What keeps you going?
Creating new music is what keeps us motivated.  It can be very exciting. We love writing songs and we take pride in it.  Of course, the other ‘best part’ is hitting the road and playing for a room full of people who are dancing and singing along to your tunes.  This certainly doesn’t happen all the time, but it’s beautiful when it does.

Where’s next after Australia?
We go back to Canada soon and we are planning on doing a lot of writing in the next few months.  We are planning on doing a short US tour in February, but aside from that we will be focusing on new material.

As you’re coming to the end of the Aussie leg of this tour what’s been the high point?
Our show in Sydney at the Gaelic House was a highlight.  It was a fantastic stage to play on and there was a great atmosphere in the room.  I also have to mention the three nights we did in Melbourne at the East Brunswick Club…we were treated very well by the staff and we did our damndest to win over a few of the Jezabels’ faithful.

Have there been any ‘Walk of Shame’ moments you’d like to share on this tour… (Or in general)
We are a very PG band and therefore our road stories are too embarrassing to mention; embarrassing in that they are incredibly boring and completely free from rock star excesses.

Have you had much of a chance to enjoy the fruits of the local music scene whilst being on tour, and stand out acts?
We have been exposed to a wealth of great Australian music.  We were lucky enough to catch Dan Kelly opening up for Dappled Cities and both acts were fantastic.  We have also picked up albums by the Triffids and You Am I.  I cannot forget the Jezabels either – they are truly a magical act to watch and I’m not just saying that because we are on tour with them.

Quick fire round:
First album – something by Raffi, probably “baby beluga”
Book that changed my life – sirens of titan by Kurt Vonnegut
Favorite film – life with mikey starring Michael J. Fox

Two Hours Traffic’s third album Territory is out now and the new single is yours for free right here: twohourstraffic.com

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I’ve been left to my own devices with the polyphonic three picks this week, with Tim away and no bands around to pick up slack! Eclectic as always, the Walk of shame is bringing music that’s blogged about to the airwaves, long before the big guys get a hold of it.

Kisses are a LA duo who are knocking out bite sizes pieces of sunshiny happy sad music… Not melancholic, or overly pop-tastic, but happy sad: Imagine Kings of Convenience beats with Belle & Sebastian’s sense of humour and you’re on the right track. Yet while either of those bands could well be pictured on a beach in Speedo’s and cardy, Kisses would no doubt be wearing those funny trunks that Italian looking guys wear. Y’know the kind of tight, huggie undies that people tend not to sit down in and perhaps have too much hair gel going on up top. They’re the sound of sunshine and Vespa’s with hot girls in bikini’s all come to mind. The first single from Kisses, Bermuda, was played a lot at pool parties everywhere so we played the follow up and it’s evidence, as if any were needed, that these guys are here for the duration. Get a free download from the official Blow Kisses website.

We feature Brisbane bands a whole lot. Accidentally mostly but there’s so much good music happening up there right now it’s just oozing over the boarder. The latest wave of bright faced musical goodness has come from Blame Ringo. Bright breezy indie pop tunes, nicely constructed and chipper lyrics bristle over 60 style guitar riffs.  We discovered them through Music for the Laundromat blog, and have since found out that their name comes from a spat with Ringo Starr’s lawyers after they initially tried to go with the name  “Goodnight Vienna” which is, apparently, the name of Ringo’s fourth studio album? So now they’re Blame Ringo… Either way these cheeky chaps have just released a brand new album and it’s pretty awesome! Grab for the bargain price of $9.99 online now! We played the single ‘I’m a Hurricane’ and we thank Ringo for forcing the name change, this is much more fun.

Treefight For Sunlight wrap up this weeks dip into brand musical goodness for your listening pleasure. Hailing from Denmark, a first for the Polyphonic Three. Sugary smooth indie pop melodies are crafted together expertly, yet none to seriously, to produce seriously catchy upbeat pop hooks. They’re out on Bella Union home of John Grant, Heidi Spencer & Alessi’s Ark with an album due out in the new year Treefight For Sunlight are overflowing with potential and well worth keeping an ear out for. Possibly the best video clip of the week above too!

There is so much new music  out now it’s hard to keep track, feel free to send us any suggestions for your picks and we’ll play them on air every Saturday on the Walk of shame.

There’s no show this weekend as we’re all at the Bondi FM warehouse party the night before so no chance of early rising… Stay in bed and avoid the rain I say… Till next time dudes!


Treefight for Sunlight

Treefight for Sunlight


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