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After a mini absence from the airwaves we’ve returned with three break through tunes we think you should have a little listen to. Let us know what you think and feel free to suggest any new bands from your local area you think we should be playing on the Walk of Shame.

Jenny & Johnny

Jenny & Johnny

First we feature long time friends and collaborators to each other’s music, Jenny and Johnny. She is the prolific singer songwriter from Rilo Kiley, Jenny Lewis, and he is a long time band member, boyfriend and writer, Johnathan Rice, of which not as much is said. (Tough gig)

The Album ‘I’m having fun now’ bursts full of insidiously catchy melodies bursting with pop sensibilities that betray the often acerbic lyrics. Drifting in and out of 70’s West Coast style guitars their vocals combine to create perfectly matched harmonies well suited to beach side listening. The pair have announced a couple of side shows following on from their upcoming Laneways performances in Sydney & Melbourne. Get in quick as they’ll no doubt sell out fast!  Find out more through their giant pink cassette tape or hit up their website from free MP3’s and more.

Mr. Little Jeans

Mr. Little Jeans

Next up from Norway the ever quirky Mr. Little Jeans. Highly glossed, quirky, electro charm oozes from this little bundle of musical joy. Breathless, almost whispered, vocals seductively break over filthy synths and blazing drums juxtaposing her sunshiney pop with a sinister backdrop of beats. Imagine a cross between Kylie & Lykke Li taking only the good bits and leaving behind all of the idiosyncrasies. Sixties girl groups, sunshine & lollipops all spring to mind but that’s not to belittle the little minx.   Mr. Little Jeans, real name Monica Birkene, has worked with some of the best new producers in L.A and London, writes all her own materials and plays more than a small part in their production. You can download a free track here and get  more info from her facebook page. Also of note is her version of Beyonce’s All the Single Ladies, which will be getting regular air time on The Walk of Shame just for a glimpse of the temptress that lies within Mr. Little Jeans!

Lastly and locally we have the dulcet tones of Lanie Lane. A smouldering bluesy, roosty chic from Sydney who’s carving a name for herself as a voice to be reckoned with.  Her bio describes her sound as that of “Erykah Badu singing to herself as she does the housework” and it summarises her sound perfectly.  50’s style southern belle sounds of toiling in the sunsets, tending to bee’s wax and backing key lime pies are conjured up through her latest single What I do. It reminds me of someone, I can’t quite put my finger on, like a cheekiness waiting to be set free, like an itch that can’t wait to be scratched. It’s not just the old school Billie Holiday, Nina Simone or Ella Fitzgerald comparisons that follow her online, but someone newer contemporary and popsy.  Maybe I’m missing something, but I really like this song and being a local lass am happy to play her songs as many times as necessary to help her cause. Check out her facebook page for all the info and live listings.


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Yup that’s right, the boys from Transvaal Diamond Syndicate have picked us a blinding set of rip roaring, guns blazin’ scorching tunes that go hand in hand with the Brizzy blues-rockers style & personality… Fingers crossed next time they’re in Sydney they can tell us all about their picks in person. Till then, read on fellow music lovers! —————————-

Yo!  My Name is Tim Price and I smash the skins in Transvaal Diamond Syndicate alongside Christian Tryhorn on resonator guitar – a dirty, raw sounding two-piece Blues/Rock outfit from Brisbane, we’ve been profiled on the Polyphonic Three before…cheers!

We’ve been asked to profile 2 artists who are influencing us right now and 1 whose track is just straight up amazing, old or new.

Transvaal Diamond Syndicate straddles the old blues and the new rock, really, so I think we are perfect for this job!

First cab of the rank has to be Dallas Frasca and her Gentlemen.  This song is called Burnt Toast. We chose Dallas Frasca as an influence of TDS for a number of reasons –

1. It was after seeing Dallas Frasca at the Village Festival, Yeppoon, that Christian took an interest in Oz-Blues and therefore bought a resonator guitar, giving birth to the idea of TDS.

2. Dallas and her writing partner and guitarist, Jeff Curran are amazing songwriters.

3. Dallas and Jeff are completely self-made musicians – everything they have achieved thus far has been from real blood, sweat and tears.  This is really what we aspire to be and we take inspiration from their incredible work ethic.

4. Dallas is doing amazing things for both the Blues and for women in music in Australia.  She takes all of the business side of her music in her stride and is a powerful role model for women in the music industry.

5. We have played support for Dallas numerous times and I have even had the pleasure of playing drums with her and Jeff (as well as rapped with them a couple of times!)

We love this song because it speaks to us in the same way we love our songs to be.  Bluesy and dirty, with rough edges and hard-rock sensibilities. Check out the attitude on Dallas’ face as she roars the lyrics down the barrel of the camera and smacks it around.

The Fumes are the other influence we have chosen – for obvious reasons. The Fumes are a two-piece who basically showed us that there is as much sound and raw energy that can be created out of two people on stage as five.  Steve and Joel epitomise the tough, blues-inspired rock and roll that we admire so much.

I have chosen the song Python for a Pillow for this blog because it’s just got everything. Rough blues vocals, a roots-rock riff, great visual imagery, beards, energy and a steam train. We played with these guys recently in Brisbane at the Step Inn and it was amazing to see them hold the crowd’s attention, even in their slower songs. They just had the audience rapt.

We have both been to a number of their shows now and they never fail to disappoint.  A brilliant band bringing old-style blues and combining with such energy that it can’t be described as anything else other than great music.

The final track I will throw up here is Rage Against The Machine’s  Know Your Enemy.

Rage Against the Machine are an integral part of what inspired both Christian and I to pick up instruments.  We both love music with soul and heart and music doesn’t come with much more heart than Rage.  Not only that, it is music that broke down conventions and made people aware of the plight of those not as fortunate.  It was (and still is) music with a message.  Musically, what we love about this song and pretty much all RATM songs is the grooves.  Both of us hail Tom Morello as a revolutionary guitarist and songwriter and Zack De La Rocha as an inspirational front man.

This particular song is great because it really challenged (at least the American population) people at the time to look at who the real enemies were – at the time this song was released, the US was at war with Iraq and were daily being fed news that the enemy was in Iraq.  Meanwhile, Rage was telling the kids of the US to look closer – the enemy was those who would tell them to take up apathy and not question the world around them, those not inspiring the next generation to be all they could be.  Powerful messages and mind-blowing revelations for those hearing this song at the time.

One mistake I feel people make about RATM is that they think of them as a ‘heavy’ band.  The guitar riffs are energetic, sure, but the real attitude and ‘heaviness’ comes from Zack’s lyrics and how he spits them.  As a Drummer, I love how locked in the rhythm section of Timmy C and Brad Wilk are. Brilliant.  They just lock into a groove and let Tom doing his whacked-out, always unique solos. Transvaal Diamond Syndicate wouldn’t be quite the band we are without RATM.

For more info on Transvaal Diamond Syndicate check out their myspace & facebook pages!

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The mighty Polyphonic Three returns to the Walk of Shame with a bounty of Brisbane based bands this week and a international senstation for added fun…



Montpelier are yet another band from Brisbane brimming with all the brilliance of an early morning sun rise.  Having worked with  producers such as Kevin Augunas (Cold War Kids & The Black Keys) and  ARIA nominated Tim Powels the band have developed their skills of building weaving melodic sounds underpinned by wistful poetic lyrics. We’re working on bringing you an interview with these guys in the coming weeks so stay tuned to hear more about them. Lastboat is the brand new single out on the 24th of this Month having worked for almost a year to bring you the very best they could muster. It was worth the wait and you heard it here first. Hopefully.

L.A, Hong Kong, London, Toronto and Kings Cross… Drawn From Bee’s have racked up the air miles of late. Captivating audiences with their laid back sounds and well structured lyrics. Fans of  Local Natives or Fanfarlo pay attention these lads are for you. We played the new single The East Wood Fox, it’s your average tale of boy meets robot set amongst the ashes of infidelity and wasted love. They’re heading around the nation on tour with The Shiny Brights and Made in Japan, playing Melt Bar in the Cross this Friday. 2011 sees them hitting Canadian Music Week in Toronto and who knows where after that. The albums been out since March, what kept you?

We use the ‘perfect sound for summer analogy’ a lot here on Bondi FM… It’s kind of the benchmark we use for all things right with the world. The Generationals take that analogy one step further with their debut album Con Law. Bringing the smooth vibes of New Orleans into an evening on the rocks at Ben Buckler watching the sun melt into the ocean. They’re music is as simple as a wave breaking on the shore and just as enjoyable. Just as likely to make you want to jump right in and bath yourself in the goodness that unfolds. It’s a happy happy sound which blends bass guitars like rum  on ice creating sing song moments about love, and the all that’s right and wrong within it!

We played Trust its out now and available as a free download through their site. Enjoy.

Next week those swamp rock fellas Transvaal Diamond Syndicate take over the blog… You have been warned!

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