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Kings Of Leon

Kings Of Leon

The last two Kings of Leon albums have been received to international accolade and award. Each progressive album has seen the Kings slowly getting further away from their original sound and has evolved into more intricate and mature style. This being said it has also seemed that each album they have released in recent times have been ripped apart and used in what seems like every TV commercial ever made, the new album “Come around Sundown” is going to be a hard album to bastardise in such a manner.

The new album is a far cry from the Kings early hay day rock albums, die hard fans from here may not enjoy this new offering so much. In saying that, the album has a much more mature feel with mellow tracks and amazing guitar riffs throughout. There are no heavy tracks such as classic like “Four Kicks” from the “Aha Shake Heartbreak” album or “Holly Roller Novocaine” from the “Youth & Young Manhood” Albums and I have to say I was slightly disappointed by this. There seem to be no tracks where the Kings have really let loose the inner rock gods that made us love them in the first place. Have they just grown old and tired like the rest of us?

Not yet… The album is still an amazing masterpiece and though having a mellower feel is going to be huge this summer. Tracks like “No Money” and “Pickup Truck” are sure to be big hits while you kick back and relax with a beer by the pool and I can see this album becoming a road trip classic. Some of the tracks on the album seem to flow into each other which make them a little hard to define but with all good albums I’m pretty sure this one will grow on you till the Kings have their grubby little claws in you yet again. Get out there and buy it. The album is available on world wide release in all good record stores and download sites. You know where to go 🙂


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Hello! My name is Will and I play drums in a Brisbane band called Charlie Mayfair. This week, our band was invited to make a guest blog appearance on Walk of Shame. So we’ve included three inspiring and exciting tracks from upcoming Australian artists Kyu and Dan Parsons and an old-school super group Crosby, Stills & Nash.


Alyx Dennison and Freya Aberkhout are the two passionate halves that make up the experimental pop group from Sydney known as Kyu. A few of us saw them perform at Ric’s in Brisbane last month during the Big Sound conference and they completely blew us away. I believe that vocals and drums are two of the most powerful methods of music making, so you can imagine my reaction when I saw this band. When you consider how long humans were making music before any electronic sounds were invented, there’s something fundamentally inspiring about singing and drumming. Their track ‘Pixiphony’ is one of the simplest but strongest arrangements on their debut record. Focusing on several prominent vocal motives, it is sonically rich and captivating, but never too indulgent.  The vocal lines are sung with the purest emotion and conviction.  I also take my hat off to the girls in Kyu for their ambidextrous talent of being able to play a bass drum, keyboard, floor tom and glock simultaneously while also singing. Go see them live. Take a hat. Then take it off to them. (Check their Facebook site for dates)

Charlie Mayfair were lucky enough to support Dan Parsons and his band on the Brisbane and Toowoomba shows of his ‘Firestarter’ album launch tour earlier this year and I can easily say it was the most fun we’ve ever had over the space of one weekend.  In saying that, Dan is not just a great guy, but an amazing musician and an even better songwriter. It’s always inspiring to play alongside musicians that genuinely enjoy what they do. So sure enough, in Toowoomba, Dan had us all up and dancing like wild heathens for inexplicable reasons in a city we had never visited before.  By the end of the set, one of our singers, Dave Di Marco, was on stage with a beer in one hand playing percussion on his chest with the other whilst the venue owner was breaking home-made tambourines over his head. The title track off his debut album, Firestarter should be held firmly responsible for such antics. This song was actually awarded ‘Best Pop Song’ at the Q Song songwriting awards this year which was completely well-deserved. Firestarter = killer pop song.

The most appealing thing about Crosby, Stills & Nash has always simply been their music.  They’ve never staged flashy, overproduced shows or relied on anything else but their talents to captivate an audience.  They basically write incredible songs and then sing them phenomenally. One song in particular is so awe-inspiring and honest that in 2 minutes and 40 seconds, it basically reminds me of why I play music. Helplessly Hoping was written by Stephen Stills and is a flawless example of a group achieving a unified vocal sound. There isn’t anything overly technical or unique about the structure of the song, but the melody is completely captivating and the lyrical content is marvelous. Check the chorus – “They are one person. They are two alone. They are three together. They are for each other.” This song inspires red wine drinking and star gazing.

Happy listening friends, hope you enjoy!
Charlie Mayfair

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Charlie Mayfair

Charlie Mayfair

Charlie Mayfair the Brisbane darlings of folk are currently touring New South Wales to celebrate their brand new film clip “If I Fell Down”. They are taking time out of their busy schedules to pop into the Bondi FM Cafe,  for a spot of breakfast  this Saturday morning (23rd Oct).

Charlie Mayfair have a folk fuelled fire in their bellies and their music is fused with great story telling and melodies that provoke tales of love won & lost. We’re looking forward to hearing about their tour, their music and their choice of music for the mighty Polyphonic Three. There is no doubt that everything Charlie Mayfair do is done with love and care, delivered with an inherent flare that stamps each offering as uniquely their own. Hence we’re pretty excited to hear their picks for the weekend. The band have hand picked three tracks that have inspired, informed and ignited their musical passion. Tune in to hear all about it then check back here for the full write up next week.

In the mean time they’re playing locally so get out there and hep support live music. See you Saturday!

WED OCT 20 @ Brass Monkey (Cronulla) w/ The Former Love Pirates + We are the Birdcage

THURS OCT 21 @ The Five Islands Brewery (Wollongong) w/ Young Braves + Pom Pom + God Rest The Good Doctor

SAT OCT 23 @ The Supper Club (Oxford St, Darlinghurst) w/ Wim + Bell Weather Department + HOWLER + Rainbow Chan

SUN OCT 24 @ Pippi’s Pub (Speerspoint, Newcastle) w/ Anabelle Kay

For more info check out their website charliemayfair.com

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Angus & Julia Stone

Angus & Julia Stone Live Album


Earlier this year Tim & I were lucky enough to get an invite to the beautiful brother & sister act, Angus & Julia Stone, live at the Apple store in Sydney. A few months on and sprouting from their ethereal live performances is this brand new live EP from the iTunes Live series  released through EMI.

What stands out for me is the muted trumpet, smouldering away through stand out tracks such as Private Lawns & Mango Tree. The newer singles are here and get a similar working over with just enough ambient crowd input to relay a sense of the intimacy that was felt on the night.  These extended versions rise and fall like autumnal  leaves in a breeze betraying the glimpse of summer that may be just around the corner.

I’ve seen them play a few times and while they are normally pretty happy to have a chat but on this occasion the two seemed pretty shy, only hinting at their sense of humour though cheeky waves at the gathering crowds outside and perhaps the cover of the Grease hit, You’re the one that I want.

This live album is stupendous, perfect for a lazy weekend afternoon watching the world pass by. Unsurprisingly it out now through iTunes and we’ll be playing snippets on the show from next week. Couldn’t find any video’s from the night but here’s Mango Tree just for fun.

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After a slightly troublesome morning on the wheels of steel (read laptop), our deadly duo struck gold with three brand new(ish) bands to boast and brag about on the Polyphonic Three.

First up we had some fresh Kiwi sounds from  The Naked and Famous. Summer anthems, beach parties and big festival dance halls will all strike gold with their killer single Young blood. Crazy cliché sounds that somehow sound sincere will leave you smiling, sweating and dancing with your hands sky bound every time. Classic pop at it’s best, I just wish the weather was better so we could get out there and feel it in all’s in glory. The single can be found entirely free over at Pretty Much Amazing and perhaps never has one song fit so well under their banner. Put it on, and dance yer pants off.

Israel Cannan is a young man on a mission:  “I have never wanted to wait around for some elusive big break that may or may not come. There is a whole world of people out there that will connect with what I do, I just have to find them…” And so with that armed with a friend, a video camera and a bunch of songs he set off travelling across this great land to share his music, and his tales with the world.  His debut album ‘Walk’  on which he’s  written, engineered and played every instrument on is  out now through his own label Poets Corner. Rich sounding roots music, melt under Cannan’s mahogany vocals which are as warm as treacle on a smouldering log fire.  Load up the combi and head into sunset, this guy’s got your soundtrack. It’s out now in iTunes or though his website for a real copy. Video’s and more of a flavour of what this man’s all about can be found on his YouTube channel. Go be inspired…

If things got too hot for you with Isreal Cannan then you may need to cool off in the pool.. but where is the pool or to put it another way “ou est le swimming pool” Which brings us neatly to our next artist on the Polyphonic Three “Ou Est Le Swimming Pool” (see what we did there?)
This group are a cheeky elcotro-pop style group from Camdan Town, London. They have been making ripples on the UK scene for some time now and became a huge hit on this years festival scene. The band were dealt a sudden blow earlier this year after the lead singer of the group, Charles Haddon committed suicide this August. The debut album “The Golden Year” has been released in his honour and the music shines through as a true testament to his character.  It’s available as a stream through Facebook or as a purchase through all of the normal online stores. Check it out.

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This week’s Polyphonic three got off to a flying start once Timmy took off his angry pants. Leaping from a somewhat down beat mole to the very pinnacle of broadcaster professional. As always, three new bands, hot on the scene were played and reviewed:

The first track from the seemingly “quirky and witty” Hannah Georgas a delightful Canadian who one day hopes to marry Jack Black. (Don’t ask us, its just what we heard on the street…) Her new track Chit Chat has some clever lyrics supported by a fantastic musical accompaniment, the track has a slow build of rhythm and melody that slowly picks up pace as the tune progresses. I was really impressed with her other tracks and highly recommend checking out her MySpace page to hear a few other gems from this cheeky Canadian. Look out for her future releases as if she’s going to snag the legendary Jack then she will no doubt be banging out the tunes in hopes of hypnotizing him into love. We couldn’t find a video for Chit Chat but did the find the above on her website which gives you a pretty good idea of who she is and where she’s at… Enjoy.

Next up we have a track from Los Angeles based Hanni El Khatib, a name that is truly difficult to pronounce live on air, as we found out on Saturday. All pronunciations issues aside it’s a name you won’t soon forget once you here his mix of fat drum beats and strangely intoxicating melodies, his track Dead Wrong somehow sticks in your head once you hear the track you will be humming it all day as it courses through your veins like a musical freight train. Somewhat similar to Edward Sharp & the Magnetic Zeros, he’s currently touring with Florence + The Machine stateside and we’re expecting this to raise his profile to the new heights he deserves.

Bringing this weeks threesome to a climax we played The Rooftops. A Brisbane 6 piece that sound as though they belong on the skate park, surrounded by hot chicks. Not the plastic glamour girls of hip hop videos, but the cool chicks that surf all day and would happily share a yarn afterwards. The band encapsulates all that’s right with this country with their positive beats, cheerful grooves and bright roots music. They are currently working on a new album that by all accounts is going to be the one. Regulars on the festival scene around their home state of Queensland, you can expect to see and hear a lot more from these guys & gals as we head into summer. They will no doubt be compared to the likes of Cat Empire & Jason Miraz but on their own merits The Rooftops stand up just fine. We played the track Lest we Forget which you’ll find on the Unearthed website, gratis, and you can check them out live at the Macquarie Hotel on the 13th November.

Tha’s all for this weeks wrap up of new & cool.  Join us on air this Saturday as Tim takes the musical reigns on The Walk of Shame show from 9am. You can listen online, and on 88fm around Bondi Beach.

Whilst you’re here – let us know if the ads below are good or just annoying too, it’s a new thing we’re trailing. Thanks
The Charlatans

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