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Tim and Ben reunited after this week after Mr. Magic’s stint in rehab holiday and like all the great double of acts of our time, such as Mork & Mindy, Sonny & Cher, or Posh & Ginger they were on top form because of it. Playing some special treats on this week’s Polyphonic Three.

Kicking off the trio of musical goodness with a psychedelic cover of David Bowie’s Ashes to Ashes were an all girl 4 piece from Los Angeles; Warpaint. Their debut album “The Fool” will be gracing our ears from the 25th of October and we’re expecting big things from them. Theirs is a mix of mellow beats and melodic simplicity that float on the airwaves with such ease that its almost hypnotic to hear. They’re currently on a massive tour and have been featured on the BBC, playing a Reading festival special. Laid back and baggy lyrics backed up by dreamy guitar escapes seem to be a running theme form the few songs we’ve heard, we’ll review the album in full as soon as we can get our grubby little paws on it. Till then, the kind folks at My Old Kentucky Blog have some free Mp3’s for you… Run a long now!

Next up we had the new single from bluegrass, Sydney locals, Boy & Bear, Blood to Gold. An upbeat Mumford & Sons styled feast for the ears. Lead singer Dave Hoskin and his merry band of cohorts are engaged on a mighty tour of this red & dusty land and along the way are rousing more rabbles than The Pied Piper of Hamelin. Confessional lyrics, racing melodies and windswept percussion whip you along into grassy landscapes of precious memories and days gone by. They’re not back in Sydney until the end of October where they play, not one, but two gigs at the Oxford Art Factory. Full details on their Myspace Site. Check them out and support the local lads as they embark on a journey filled moonshine guzzling, bluegrass swilling treats.

Drawing a line under this week’s Polyphonic Three we played Maximum Balloon‘s Groove me (featuring Theophilus London) and not since Sneaky Sound System left the spotlight has pop music been so much fun. Tingling synth lines weave splashes of melodic colour through bright neon lyrics and classic 80’s style tunes. Created by TV on The Radio front man Dave Sitek who seems to have left any pretenses and ego at the door whilst embarking on this journey of musical fun making. The album is as varied as it’s entertaining and will no doubt be a sure fire winner this summer. Groove me is the first single and should be around on larger stations just as soon us us cool kids get tired of it and move on! (Cheeky wink)

Join us on air this Saturday The Walk of Shame show from 9am as we look at another round of exciting new artists and bands that are making us swing our pants. You can listen online, and on 88fm around Bondi Beach

Amy Meredith


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This week’s fresh batch of noteworthy artists currently blazing a trail include Aussie groups, Miami Horror and Transvaal Diamond Syndicate together with a notable French adversary Koudlam.

After a strong couple of years on the local gig circuit, winning the hearts and minds of blogger’s and music lover across alike Miami Horror have delivered a brand new long player that seems to have split the online community straight down the middle. Synth drenched, French influenced, horned up, electro pop is offered up on every track. Our favourite is probably Holidays (above) which features the poly-personaed artist Alan Palomo in a percussion heavy groove. Love it, or hate what can’t be denied is the band are quickly moving up the ranks of the pop hierarchy. Divisions seem to stem from the current band setup. Growing from solo producer/performer to full on live band set… We think it’s a wining combo and can’t wait to see them live.   The guy’s are currently in the musical hotbed that is Austin Texas but are sure to be a firm fixture on many of the upcoming summer festivals this year.

French Symphonic composer Koudlam followed with a tracked named Eagles for Africa. Reminding us all why the French remain the leaders in this field. With possibly the vaguest description of any MySpace act I’ve ever seen koudlam describes himself as being “young and beautiful, his lips smell the ocean, his eyes are like dolphin ones” which lets face it, is all bollocks but his music is amazing so we’ll let it go. Unmistakable French, stunning in it’s sublimity and ability to sound good pitched at 100 or up to 150bpm. Similar to Air, but more adventurous, sounding equally at home in an underground club at 4am or on a beach just as the new day breaks come 7 or 8am. Expect to hear a lot more from this monsieur.

Transvaal Diamond Syndicate

Transvaal Diamond Syndicate

Moving on from the electro fueled polyphonic choices of late we’ve gone back to basics with Transvaal Diamond Syndicate.  A tip off that was featured on Who the hell last week. A raw tub-thumping band from Brisbane.  Dirty, foot stomping, swamp shakin’ blues at it’s best is delivered in the track Swamptdance. Live these guys sound like they brew up a right old moonshine of a storm inviting fans to jump up and play all manner of instruments to join in the party.  Their music has more hooks than a pirate convention paired up with plenty of sax and some down right nasty drums packaged together by Tryhorn’s growling vocals. Grab a bottle of JD and throw down some straw… These guys are just dirty! We played Swampdance, you should too! It’s available as a free mp3 download at the ‘fore mentioned blog.  The brand spanking new EP ‘Diamonds and Dust’ is out now so feel free to purchase a copy.

There will be no Walk of Shame next week as we’re heading of to Melbourne but if you’re really missing us you can tune into our Last.fm page or just bliss out to the sounds of Holly on Bondi FM… We’ve a brand new promo in store for our return which involves a free breakfast to the first person to come in whilst on their very own Walk of Shame, more details later!



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Timmy Magic finally stepped up to the plate this week and picked a pair of priceless polyphonic play mates to pick apart on the Polyphonic Three 😛



Sydney foursome Convaire lead this week’s Polyphonic three selection with electrifying  indie pop track named Gate Track.  The bands official EP is due for release later this year but you can grab this Phoenix meets Talking Heads styled bundle of fun through Modular Field.  There’s an unpolished roughness to this track that really grabbed our attention. The kind of raw energy that is sometimes missing from like-minded electro outfits who might otherwise focus on sporting zig zags and Kanye West’s hand me down sunnies.  Download Hey Say Hey as a free MP3 from ModularField and get your dance on!

Strange Talk

Strange Talk

Going head to head with the Sydney we had Melbourne act Strange Talk. Adding a definite touch of ‘the city of arts’ to their music, Strange Talk are positively Bursting at the seams with youthful exuberance. Their sound is thrillingly optimistic, like Two Door Cinema Club had there been some sunshine in Ireland, and a lot less Guinness. They currently touring hard in Melbourne so keep your eyes and ears open for a gig near you and we’ll be sure to let you now the minute they head up our way. The track we played was climbing walls and it can be yours for the measly price of an email! Just head to the bands website for a free MP3. If you’re in Sydney on Thursday, 23 September head to Good God bar where they’ll be supporting Jinja Safari. Big thanks to And Pluck your Strings who put us onto these chaps.

Wrapping up this week’s Polyphonic Three we played King Charles from England. Not the tax stealing, mustache wearing,  King from 17th Century, no? Better than that, this King Charles plays a psychedelic self-styled shaman with wild hair and pastoral whimsy.  Drawing on the quintessentially English nature of Marc Bolan and Syd Barret whilst enthusing them with new age acts like Devendra Banhart and Noah Georgson to create a sound that would have Nigella purring as she poured the perfect cuppa tea. King Charles conveys the lyrical wit of UK Grime acts Kano and Dizzy Rascal but wraps them up in eco friendly hessian sacking and serves with musical mung beans.  We scored this track from The Music Ninja Blog who had a great write up so head there now and show some love. All Hail.

Every week on the Walk of Shame we check out 3 new and emerging bands worthy of keeping an eye out for, then write about them hear so you can enjoy them too.

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